‘Big Brother’: Even Producers Think This One Alliance is Ridiculous

Big Brother season 21 is well underway. And with it, a whole new batch of alliances, showmances, twists, and frenemies.

The only way to make it to the end of Big Brother is to have an alliance. Alienating yourself from the rest of the group will only cause you to be an easy target for eviction or to be put up as a pawn to get someone else out of the house.

To combat this, houseguests usually band together with the people that they get along with the best. Alliances typically consist of about four to six people. And even those are hard to maintain overtime.

But this season, the houseguests have formed the biggest alliance in the history of the show, Gr8ful. The group has eight members, Jack Matthews, Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, Analyse Talavera, Christie Murphy, Nick Maccarone, Tommy Bracco, and Isabella Wang.

What does production have to say about Gr8ful?

But obviously, the alliance is too big to work. Even the show’s executive producer, Allison Grodner, thinks the group is destined for destruction.

“Eight is ridiculous because it has never lasted. It is too many people to put trust in before really getting to know them,” Grodner told Entertainment Weekly. “We have had groups of eight try to form an alliance on opening night, but that quickly crumbled in the first week. There was The Bomb Squad of season 16 that fell apart by week 3 when Devin went rogue. There are already cracks showing in Gr8tful, so it will be interesting to see how far they go.”

Is the alliance already starting to crumble?

Gr8ful is already starting to show some cracks. Murphy seemed to be getting tired of how Matthews tried to force her to do what he wanted during her reign as Head of Household. Eventually, she got so annoyed with it that she went against his suggestion and put up Ovi Kabir as the replacement nominee instead of Kemi Faknule, who Matthews has been gunning for since day one.

Wang also seems to be moving to the outskirts of the group due to her friendship with Faknule, who as we mentioned, Matthews hates for no reason.

How do fans feel about Gr8ful?

Fans are not feeling this new alliance.

@CBSBigBrother someone needs to put a stop to #gr8ful,” one fan tweeted.

“How I feel about this season of Big Brother so far, I’m sick of “gr8ful” #BB21,” another person wrote.

And even viewers see that the group is way too big.

“Gr8ful is doomed,” one fan tweeted. “It’s too big of an alliance. They needed to keep it at 6 and that’s it.”

Others felt like CBS was actually protecting the alliance by leaving out some of their gameplay discussions.

“Jack, blockhead, nick, etc better be f*****g gr8ful @CBSBigBrother isn’t portraying them as horribly as they actually are,” one person tweeted.

Overall, people are tired of the not-so-great alliance.

“Hey @CBSBigBrother is there anyway we could get to know the rest of the house?” one fan wrote. “I’m really tired of seeing it be the ‘gr8ful’ house….because they are everything that is the opposite of their alliance name.”