‘Big Brother 21’ Fans React After Michie’s Win on What They Expect for ‘BB22’

The final episode of Big Brother 21 saw the crowning of Jackson Michie who won half a million dollars. His victory was overshadowed by accusations from former housemates of racist behavior and came out of the house looking stoic. His win was extremely controversial and most fans want to move past this season and look forward to next summer.

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Julie Chen, host of ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

But first…

Michie was blindsided by host Julie Chen when she brought up racism claims that were made by viewers. Throughout the season, Michie had been called out by live feeders for horrible remarks against women and race of his fellow housemates.

During one instance that was captured on video, Michie is heard talking about Jessica Milagros, a Hispanic plus-size model living in Chicago. He says, “go back to Mexico,” and even fat shames her. Jessica is from Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory where all of its citizens are also American citizens.

When Chen brought up his decision to banish contestants Kemi, David, Jessica, and Cliff from a task, she also told him that viewers thought he did it because they were minorities.

“Absolutely not,” he answered. “This was strictly players against players. “Race, age, religion, gender… none of that ever had anything to do with any decision.”

After the discussion and a commercial break, Chen declared Michie as the winner of Big Brother 21. He was still processing the claims made against him and didn’t seem to enjoy his winning.

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Fans sound off on Season 22

Season 22 of Big Brother is confirmed as Chen announced it at the end of last night’s broadcast. Following the finale of this year’s season, BB22 started trending on Twitter. Fans of the game sounded off with their thoughts on what they want to see in the next season.

“My pitch to CBS to be on BB22: I can’t be worse than Michie. Also, I’m not a big watermelon eater,” a fan tweeted.

“I skipped this season of BB21, seemed like [there was] racism going on and the lack of [black] people just made me not interested. Hopefully, Big Brother switches it up for BB22,” a viewer commented.

“Based upon BB21, I predict Robyn Kass will again be the casting agent for BB22. [She] will select recruits like David, Jack, and Jackson instead of applicants of fans like Nicole, Tommy, and Ovi,” another fan predicted.

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Another loyal watched wrote a message addressing the future contestants of the reality show.

“Dear BB22 cast, don’t forget that consistent lying isn’t the same as being ‘competitive’ or making a ‘game decision.’ Don’t win by being a manipulative pr***, thank you. Don’t prove to the real world that lying can make you win,” she wrote.

The viewer was talking about Michie’s win that lied throughout his journey in the house. These were not white lies to help him progress in the game, he fabricated stories that damaged other people’s character.

“I hope BB22 shows us more diversity. Casting needs a huge facelift. Cast fans, super fans. People who love and respect this insane game for what it is,” another viewer suggested.

The general consensus is that fans want a more diverse cast on the show as season after season they seem to be selecting the same type of people. With Big Brother, Chen always says to “expect the unexpected” and viewers will have to wait until next summer to see what BB has in store.