‘Big Brother’: Holly Allen Talks About Struggling with How She Was Portrayed on the Show

Big Brother 21 ended with Holly Allen and Jackson Michie making it to the end as a final two. He won and now they’re talking about their game.

Holly talked about wanting to fake a showmance at first with Jackson. She also talked about struggling with how she was portrayed. Find out what she said and more.

Holly Allen threatened to self-evict during the show

Jessica Milagros and Holly Alexander on 'Big Brother'
Jessica Milagros and Holly Alexander on ‘Big Brother’ | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Holly showed that she was worried about what was being said about her while in the house. This was apparent when Zingbot came to the house.

The robot called her an “old buzzard” during its visit. The 31-year-old houseguest didn’t understand it at first but then became upset when Tommy Bracco suggested it was because she got into showmance with Jackson after he was with Kathryn Dunn.

Holly said she “did not sign up to have her character misconstrued” and threatened to self-evict. She then accused production of “playing with people’s real lives.” Now that the season is over she has opened up about not being happy with how she was portrayed.

She feels justified over worrying how she would be portrayed

“Those concerns were totally justified,” she said on Rob Has a Podcast. “And I had a lot of reasons to worry about how I was being portrayed.”

She continued, “Obviously, we’re all typecast. I think I was supposed to be a b*tchy girl. There were a lot of reasons that I have to believe that and I had a lot of internal struggle about that.”

She added, “And it was really hard to navigate who I am supposed to be versus who I am. I really wanted America to just see me. It was rough.”

The former houseguest talked about not wanting to be seen as “the girl in a showmance with Jackson.” Instead, she wanted to talk about going on the show to empower girls.

One example she used was when she was Head of Household and she had one on one conversations with everyone in the house. However, that’s not what was shown in the show.

“The only conversation that they show was the one conversation where Jackson happened to be in the room,” said Holly. She said that conversation was when Sam Smith came back a second time to talk because he was being nominated and that’s after they talked alone.

She isn’t happy that her diary room sessions weren’t shown

Houseguests use the Diary Room (DR) differently. But they all get to use it as a safe place to talk game.

Holly revealed that she isn’t happy about how things went down with her diary room sessions. “Since I was downplaying so much in the house I really only talked heavy strategy in the DR. Even with Jackson, I even wanted him to underestimate me a little bit so I didn’t really expose everything about myself.”

However, her plan didn’t pan out. “But then I would go into the DR and then talk heavy game and spell out everything I was doing and by very calculated and concise and show where my head was and then none of those DRs made it to air.”

You never know what will be shown when you film a reality show. The good things is Big Brother fans are able to more of what’s going on through the live feeds.