‘Big Brother’: Is This Houseguest Playing Two Women in the House?

Welcome back to the Big Brother house, where backstabbing and spreading lies are second nature.

Some might say the best part about Big Brother is the game play, but those people would be new to the show. Anyone who has been watching BB for a while knows that the best and most important part of the show is the relationships between the houseguests.

Making the right relationships can be the difference between getting to the end of the game and getting backdoored.

But becoming too close to another person can also put a target on your back.

Big Brother is a delicate game, okay?

What are showmances?

Whenever you put a bunch of people in a house, especially young, attractive people, you are bound to have a few get together. On Big Brother, these relationships are called “showmances.”

While having a companion in the house who has your back can be nice, it can also cause the rest of the house to go against you. On many seasons of the show, housemates have banded together to get the showmances out of the house.

Which showmances have formed?

This season, there are already three showmances that have developed. Jackson Michie and Kathryn Dunn, Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang, and Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera.

Is one guy playing two of the women?

The houseguests definitely haven’t minded getting intimate in front of the whole nation.

According to live feed watchers, Matthews and Talavera hooked up last week.

“Jack and Analyse getting busy in HOH .. they’ve gone undercovers #bb21,” one fan tweeted.

But it appears that Matthews may have only been in the showmance with Talavera for the physical aspect as he told Christie Murphy later that his loyalty was really to her.

“I would literally lay on a burning fire for you, and I would not do that for [Analyse],” he told her. “America is going to hate me but you are my counterpart in this game.”

Backlash of Matthews and Talavera’s hookup

After Talavera told some of her alliance mates about her hookup with Matthews, word got around the house. Some of the housemates were less than excited about the news.

“At the end of the day, people need to worry about themselves and who they are sleeping with, and I will worry about myself and who I want to f***ing sleep with. I’m 22 years old. I can sleep with whoever the f*** I want…to go to bed with,” Analyse said, according to @BB_Updates.

But the housemates weren’t the only ones annoyed with all of the hooking up in the house.

“Wait, so let me get this straight…Jackson+Kat, Jack+Analyse AND Nick+Bella ALL had sex in the house already?” one fan tweeted.

“Why does it sound like Jack is trying to force himself to like Analyse???” another fan wrote. “You don’t HAVE to be in a showmance. It’s not a prerequisite to graduating big brother.”

Others were surprised that Talavera didn’t think her hookup would be caught on camera.

“Holly, Analyse, and Christie talking in the HOH room. ‘Do you think the live feeds are up in the hoh room while we’re sleeping’ are they new to the concept of big brother live feeds?” one person commented.