‘Big Brother’: Ovi Kabir Is Receiving Backlash for This Tweet

Big Brother houseguests from the most recent season continue to make headlines in the offseason. This time, Ovi Kabir, one of the houseguests who was vocal about the treatment of minorities in the house, is garnering some controversy.

Ovi Kabir on 'Big Brother 21'
Ovi Kabir on ‘Big Brother 21’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Ovi Kabir on ‘Big Brother’ season 21

Kabir was the second houseguest to be evicted during the season, following David Alexander, who was eliminated during the first episode. Kabir was evicted despite having the season’s first Whactivity Power. He was the only contestant to be evicted while holding an active power.

However, the two and Kemi Fakunle remained in the house after their eliminations as part of the Camp Comeback twist. None of them were able to return to the competition. While in Camp Comeback, the three were ostracized by most other houseguests and were the subject of racist remarks and comments.

Nicole Anthony was the only houseguest who really supported them. When Anthony was being bullied by the Unde9able alliance, Kabir defended her.

Why Kabir is getting dragged for this tweet

Earlier this week, Kabir tweeted, “Can we cancel ‘cancel culture’ for 2020.”

One person said, “‘Cancel culture’ is really just calling out people for offensive or toxic behavior. It’s about no longer accepting unacceptable behavior, like harassment or homophobic ‘jokes’ or body shaming. Interesting that you keep objecting to that kind of thing for some reason.”

Another added, “When people stop being homophobic, racist, misogynistic, transphobic, etc and start being held accountable for their words and actions, maybe it can stop.”

“Cancel culture doesn’t exist. If you don’t think people being held accountable for s**t they do should happen, then delete your account,” said another.

The tweet is likely surprising for many Big Brother fans, given how vocals Kabir was during and after the season finale about calling out the houseguests who made bigoted remarks in the house.

Hopefully, Kabir will soon understand that “cancel culture” isn’t as simple as “canceling” someone.