‘Big Brother’: Paulie Calafiore Reveals Whether He Would Ever Follow His Brother Cody and Return To the Show

Cody Calafiore is looking for redemption on this season of Big Brother. He performed really well in his first season, but he ultimately didn’t get the win — which is what he is trying to accomplish now on Big Brother 22: All-Stars. Calafiore is also trying to do something that his family has never done before by winning as he is not the only person in his family to compete on the show. Cody’s brother, Paulie, also starred on Big Brother in Season 18.

Paulie Calafiore on 'Big Brother'
Paulie Calafiore on ‘Big Brother’. | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images)

Paulie has not yet returned to the show, but he has since continued his reality TV career by starring on The Challenge. So, would he ever go back on? Paulie recently revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet whether he would follow in his brother Cody’s footsteps by competing in the Big Brother house again.

Cody Calafiore has returned for ‘Big Brother 22’

Cody’s first season of Big Brother was in Season 16. He ultimately dominated too, winning three Head of Household competitions and three Power of Veto comps, according to Fandom.

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He was also a part of one of the most dominant alliances in Big Brother history, The Hitmen. Cody was in The Hitmen with Derrick Levasseur, and the duo ultimately went all the way to the final two together. However, Levasseur finished on top that season while Cody was the runner-up.

Cody has since returned this season for Big Brother 22: All-Stars, and he looks to finish No. 1 this time after his second-place finish in Season 16. He has been in a good spot for most of this season too, winning one HOH competition and one Power of Veto comp so far. He has also been aligned with other people who have also won comps this season.

Paulie Calafiore competed on ‘Big Brother 18’

After Cody’s original season, Paulie then starred on Big Brother 18. He was actually a twist that season as he was one of two houseguests who were siblings of former houseguests.

Paulie was a competition beast in his season, but he didn’t make it as far as Cody did. His houseguests ended up evicting him in Week 8. Nicole Franzel — who was also on Big Brother 16 with Cody and is currently on Big Brother 22 with him — ultimately won that season.

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“Cody is very good at the social game, and he suppresses the competitive side,” Paulie said when discussing the differences between their games. “He’s competitive when it comes to wanting to win, but he suppresses the competitive side that’s like the psychological warfare. Whereas I’ve got a great social game, but I have a very hard time suppressing the psychological warfare, which came out on my season of Big Brother, like when I would sit and talk sh*t to people before veto competitions, [Head of Household] competitions.”

Paulie Calafiore revealed whether he would ever return to ‘Big Brother’

Since his Big Brother days, Paulie starred on MTV’s Ex On The Beach, and then made his way to The Challenge. He has ultimately had a lot of success on The Challenge too, making it to the final in two of the three seasons he has been on. 

So, since he has had so much success on The Challenge, would he ever return to Big Brother?

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“I’d consider going back in 100%, but if I ever got to do Big Brother again, I wouldn’t be going in there with the mindset of, ‘Let me be so serious so early on, trying to win,’” Paulie said. “I would just go in there, have fun, enjoy it for what it is, and go from there. Just try and build a bunch relationships, be funny on the live feeds, and talk sh*t to the live feeders for watching me, and not working.”

Paulie also said he would “stir up some sh*t and laugh about it, and try and be more hated than I was my first time around.”

Despite his willingness to go back on the show, it is not 100% certain that Paulie will ever star on Big Brother again. However, if he ever does return, everyone knows that he will certainly be entertaining. The Calafiore brothers seem to always be pretty good television.

Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.