Will ‘Big Brother’ Season 21 Be An All-Stars Season?

Big Brother fans have been analyzing everything host Julie Chen Moonves, and former contestants are posting and saying about the upcoming season. Supporters claim the signs are pointing to Big Brother Season 21 featuring an all-star cast. In all-star seasons, the fan favorite, or most-hated, contestants from past seasons come back into the house and compete for the $500,000 grand prize.

Julie Chen Moonves Big Brother Season 21
Julie Chen Moonves | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

What is the premise of ‘Big Brother?’

Big Brother is a reality game television show derived from a Dutch TV show with the same name. The series follows a group of contestants, referred to as HouseGuests, who live together in a house under constant surveillance. The HouseGuests cannot use the phone, watch television, or have any connection with the outside world. Through weekly competitions and evictions, the contestants compete against each other for $500,000.

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If the production crew expells a HouseGuest for breaking house rules, they cannot return. Also, if a HouseGuest leaves without permission, they are not allowed to come back into the house. So far, there have been three HouseGuests who self-evicted, and four expelled for breaking the rules. There have also been several controversial contestants who have used racial slurs, threw chairs, and head-butted as well as sexually assaulted other contestants in the house.

The show premiered in July 2000, hosted by Julie Chen Moonves, and has since held excellent ratings even though negative backlash has also increased. Big Brother is one of the most successful shows on CBS and is the second longest-running adaptation of the series to date. Big Brother also has several successful spin-offs including Big Brother: Over the Top and Celebrity Big Brother.

Why do ‘Big Brother’ fans believe the next season will feature all-stars?

Host Julie Chen Moonves posted a photo of herself on Twitter wearing a black leather jacket while riding a skateboard. On the jacket, there is one patch that says, “All-Stars.” While CBS has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, Season 20 houseguest, Kaitlyn Herman, discussed her possible return.

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In a recent interview on AfterBuzz TV, Kaitlyn talked about returning with former housemate, JC Mounduix. She said she would go back into the house if presented with the opportunity. On Big Brother Season 20, Kaitlyn went home because she couldn’t complete a puzzle. In the interview, she reflected on that and possibly hinted to the future, saying, “Hopefully, they don’t give me a situation like the one I was in.”

Winner of Big Brother Season 15, Andy Herren, claimed the show may not feature all-stars. He told his Twitter followers if “CBS actually reached out to them” they would not be talking publicly about it.

People believe Paul Abrahamian, runner up for the Big Brother crown twice, will star in the new season. Julie Chen Moonves wore a leather jacket in her post, and Paul has an edgy leather-like clothing style. He also has a similar clothing line.

Therefore, fans believe Big Brother Season 21 will feature memorable faces from previous seasons. Even if the show doesn’t take the All-Star theme, CBS could still invite former HouseGuests back to compete against rookies.

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