Which ‘Big Brother’ Stars Are Rumored To Join ‘The Challenge’ Season 35 Cast?

For Big Brother players who relied more on their physical acumen than social game, The Challenge would be a natural progression if they wish to stay in the reality television industry.

Additionally, Big Brother alumni Paulie Calafiore and Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez have both pulled big moves during The Challenge Season 34, resulting in early eliminations for veteran players Wes Bergmann and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio.

Therefore, it would make sense for more former Big Brother stars to begin competing on the show, as they will likely continue making big moves and carry on the series when the Real World and Road Rules original players stop returning.

Although it has not been confirmed yet because anyone can drop out at any time, these four Big Brother 20 stars will most likely join the cast of The Challenge Season 35.

Big Brother 20
Cast of Big Brother 20 | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams

After winning two out of the first three competitions and formed a five-person alliance, FOUTTE, Swaggy C was sitting pretty. However, once he won immunity from the first elimination, he talked too much and created an enemy in alliance member Kaitlyn Herman.

The following week, when she became Head of Household, Herman effectively backdoored the day trader, making him the second person evicted from the Big Brother house after only 23 days.

In those three weeks, he became extremely close with Bayleigh Dayton and proposed to her during the Big Brother 20 finale. Even though Swaggy C didn’t last long in the house, viewers didn’t like him because they think he’s arrogant and an attention-seeker.

However, those qualities, plus his athleticism as he was a college basketball player, would make him a great candidate for The Challenge. Additionally, Swaggy C has a killer social game that could earn him several allies and get him far in the game as a rookie, unless he attaches his wagon to Bayleigh and doesn’t make other connections.

Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat

Also known as JC Mounduix’s “big dumb puppet,” Fessy rarely knew what was going on the Big Brother house. He spent most of his time chasing Haleigh Broucher and was manipulated into evicting his alliance member, Scottie, during his Head of Household reign.

The following week, Level Six member Angela Rummans won HOH and nominated both Fessy and Haleigh. Unable to win the Power of Veto, the substitute teacher was evicted.

Fessy was also a part of FOUTTE, so he and Swaggy C should have an unspoken alliance coming into the game. The Orlando native also was a two-time All-American tight-end at the University of Chattanooga which will give him a competitive edge.

However, if Fessy remains as clueless as he did on Big Brother, the veterans will walk over him, and he stands no chance.

Bayleigh Dayton

Remembered as the girl who fought with Tyler Crispen so intensely that she bloodied her mouth, all hope seemed lost for the flight attendant after her boyfriend, Swaggy C, was evicted.

However, the following week, America voted for her to win a Power App, which allowed her to change nominees at any Nomination Ceremony until it expired five weeks later.

She won HOH in Week 5 and told Level Six member Rachel Swindler about her power to build trust with her as Bayleigh planned on nominating her as a pawn to get rid of her real target, Brett.

However, Level Six flipped the votes and sent Rachel packing instead, blindsiding Bayleigh. The following week, Angela gave the Missouri-native a false sense of hope so she wouldn’t use her Power App, which she didn’t, allowing her to get backdoored after a Veto Ceremony, sending her home.

Bayleigh doesn’t seem like the athletic type; however, she can certainly hold her own and also has a great social game. The flight attendant also has somewhat of a temper which could make for some new drama and rivals for seasons to come.

Kaycee Clark

Extremely loyal to Level Six throughout the entire competition, Kaycee also proved she could hold her weight by winning two HOH’s, five Powers of Veto, and one hacker competition.

She had a Final Three deal with Tyler and Angela, even though it didn’t come to fruition because JC pulled out his only win, and chose close-friend Tyler to sit next to in the Final Two.

Even though Tyler had a killer social game and also won several competitions, too many people in The Jury felt betrayed by him as he made several Final Two deals.

Therefore, Lil’ Peanut was awarded the $500,000 because of her undeniable athletic abilities, and she didn’t make promises she couldn’t keep, but still formed connections with everyone.

Kaycee, also a professional football player, could go far in The Challenge based on her physical strength, but it could also make her an easy first target.

Even though Kaycee and Level Six evicted the entire FOUTTE alliance, The Challenge is a new game, and they should all have each other’s backs. Watch The Challenge Season 34 Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.