‘Big Brother’: Swaggy C Says He Wouldn’t Return for an All-Stars Season

An All-Star season of Big Brother is reportedly on the way. Fans are trying to predict who will be picked and some past houseguests are outspoken on who shouldn’t be cast. Chris “Swaggy C” Williams said he wouldn’t return for this season. Find out the reason why and more.

CBS executive is optimistic about the summer return of the show

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Many shows are on hold due to the pandemic. A CBS executive claimed fans will still get their summer shows although they would be pushed back.

“It could be a little later than usual but we’re still optimistic about getting those on. Those shows turn around pretty quickly,”CBS Entertainment chief Kelly Kahl said in a statement according to TV Line. “Big Brother has live shows every week, and Love Island literally airs the night after it shoots. Those shows do not have long post processes.”

There is a rumor there will be a ‘Big Brother’ All-Stars season

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There is a long break between seasons due to the pandemic. However, there is a rumor a second all-star season is in the works.

According to Us Weekly, Janelle Pierzina, Ian Terry, Frankie Grande, and Tyler Crispen were contacted to join the cast. An insider claimed to know when the season would start.

“CBS was originally aiming for July 15 premiere, but now it’s set for July 22,” a source said. “It could be pushed back even further due to COVID-19.”

The cast would reportedly be quarantined 14 days before filming would start. “Contracts are still be negotiated, but NDAs have gone out,” the source said.

The report also claimed Rachel Reilly, Britney Haynes, Dr. Will Kirby, Andy Herren, Evel Dick or Mike “Boogie” Malin won’t be returning.

Swaggy C says he can’t return right now

Chris "Swaggy C" Williams on 'Big Brother'
Chris “Swaggy C” Williams on ‘Big Brother’ Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

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There were rumors that Williams from Big Brother 20 would return. He revealed why he wouldn’t be available to do it right now.

“I would not go back right now. I know there’s all these rumors about all-stars season 2. Swaggy C is not on that,” he said on the Challenge Mania podcast according to Us Weekly. “I can’t afford to leave the business and me trading and all that stuff right now. I’m 100% percent guaranteed not on that. I can’t right now.”

Williams works as a day trader. The good news is that he would do it somewhere down the line.

“If it was two [or] three years down the line and everything with the business was automated and I made enough money where I feel like, you know, let me chill and not put money as the top priority and let me just chill, then it’s, like, ‘Yeah, I would love to go back on Big Brother,” he said.

Williams was more recently seen on The Challenge Total Madness. He is currently married to Bayleigh Dayton from his season of Big Brother.