‘Big Brother’ Viewers Call on CBS to Discipline Jason Dent After Rape Jokes

Big Brother viewers are calling on CBS to take action after contestant Jason Dent joked about raping another houseguest’s wife.

These comments were heard on the Big Brother live feed, which airs 24 hours a day on CBS’ streaming service. On the stream this week, Jason Dent threatened to rape contestant Kevin Schlehuber’s wife and make his kids watch.

“I’m gonna fuck your wife when I get out of here,” Dent said. “And I’m gonna tie all your daughters up and make them fucking watch, you piece of –”

Dent was not speaking to Schlehuber directly, but rather was talking with others about what he might say in a hypothetical scenario in which Schlehuber turned against him. After other contestants suggested that he had crossed the line, he said, “I was trying to think of the worst, craziest thing you could say. That was it.”

This was not Jason Dent’s only joke about rape on Big Brother this season. He also made comments about holding down and raping housemate Raven Walton.

“You want me to hold her?” Dent said. “Because I’ll hold the shit out of her while you guys take turns.”

When another houseguest asked Dent if he just insinuated rape, he laughed.

Now, many Big Brother viewers are calling on CBS to take action against Jason Dent for his multiple rape jokes, disciplining him in some way or even booting him off of the show entirely.

TV personality and reality star Ashlee White chimed in to agree with all of the fans calling on CBS to take action, asking when enough is enough.

The first episode of Big Brother following Dent’s comments and the ensuing controversy will air tonight, so it remains to be seen whether his remarks will be addressed within the actual show. CBS has not yet responded to Dent’s comments or the calls for him to be disciplined.