‘Big Brother’: When Does Season 21 Premiere?

It’s almost that time of year again. A season of backstabbing, showmances, and power plays. That’s right, Big Brother is on its way back.

But this year will be a little bit different than the others. Normally, Big Brother airs on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, but that won’t be the case at first this season.

When does ‘Big Brother’ premiere?

Big Brother is set to air on June 25th at 8/7c. If you’re looking at your calendar, then you will notice that this is a Tuesday. The show will only be out of its normal schedule for a week. After it’s first Sunday airing, June 30, the reality show will move back into its normal schedule of Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, starting on Wednesday, July 10th. At this point, the weekday episodes will move to 9/8 c and the Sunday night episodes will remain at 8/7c.

Why is ‘Big Brother’ coming on on a Tuesday?

This small shift in schedule could be in order to allow The Amazing Race to wrap up. The Amazing Race airs on Wednesdays, as well.

In addition to switching the day of the week, the length of the episodes has changed as well. For the past few seasons, Big Brother has launched with two-hour premieres. But this year, the episodes on June 25 and 26th will each only be one hour.

Will season 21 be an all-star season?

For the past few seasons, fans have been rooting for an all-star season of Big Brother. And now, with the announcement of a return date for Season 21, fans are wondering if this will be the year that their dreams finally come true.

CBS hasn’t released a lineup of who the new cast will be, but fans have been searching for absolutely anything that could hint to some of their favorites returning.

For example, Julie Chen Moonves recently posted a picture of herself skateboarding in a leather jacket with patches. Fans were quick to search the jacket and its patches for any clues of returning cast members.

So far, no one has found any hidden meaning inside the Belstaff coat.

In the end, it’s casting director Robyn Kass who may have answered whether or not this would be an all-star year.

“Like every single year-BB will be a house of super fans, casual fans and people new to the game,” Kass said in a comment. Which means that there most likely won’t be an all-star cast.

What have previous cast members said?

Some former houseguests like to tease audiences and pretend that they are coming back to the BB house, but recently season 15 winner Andy Herren pointed out that no one really knows anything.

“Friendly reminder that any Big Brother alums toying about #BB21 being All-Stars have absolutely no idea what they are talking about because if CBS ACTUALLY reached out to them, they’d be too scared to say a word!” he tweeted earlier this month.

Paul Abrahamian, who has appeared on two seasons of the hit show, liked the tweet, as well.

So, there you have it. Until CBS officially announces the cast, there is really no way of knowing whether we will get the all-star season we have been hoping for or not.