‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2: Will Alexander Skarsgard Return as Perry Wright?

Those of you who watched Big Little Lies on HBO last season were likely reminded just how socially important cable storytelling can be. It was a tale long overdue about marital abuse and all the sordid, insidious details that often occur in-between.

With an excellent cast (and writing) conveying it all, many thought there shouldn’t or wouldn’t be a second season.

Outside of initial trepidation, Big Little Lies will be back in June with the original production team. Many wonder, though, how the show will work without one of the pivotal characters: Perry Wright.

Played by Alexander Skarsgard, Perry died at the end of Season 1. How he’d be conveyed again might be solved through one key new character.

Remembering back to Perry’s death

Alexander Skarsgard
Alexander Skarsgard | Theo Wargo/WireImage

Maybe you could see it coming a comeuppance would happen to Perry after becoming violently abusive to his wife, Celeste. Nicole Kidman brilliantly portrayed the tortured Celeste Wright and was deservedly awarded for her efforts. As you remember, the death of Perry was the result of Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) pushing him down a flight of stairs at a local school after the former viciously attacks Celeste for not reuniting with him.

Not that he didn’t deserve this since he arguably would have killed Celeste had there not been intervention. While it was deemed an accident at the end of the miniseries, it left audiences stunned at the outcome.

It proved marital abuse sometimes goes on uncontrollably to a point where tragic action sometimes has to occur to make it stop. Nobody expected death in this series, however, making everyone wonder how on earth they could logically do a follow-up.

The big question is whether Alexander Skarsgard will be able to return as Perry in some other way, if not a strange twist.

Perry left a lot of scars that will likely be dealt with in Season 2

Let’s never forget Perry Wright brought inexorable terror to numerous characters in the cast, including being weeded out as Jane Chapman’s rapist (initially known as Saxon Banks). Plus, his violent action made his son, Max, start to become abusive in school, leading to a web of misunderstandings that brought chaos to the entire Monterey, CA community.

All of this was the center of the situations and ethical debates behind Big Little Lies. Everyone who saw the show knows why leaving it at a Season One would have been better to let audiences grapple with the aftermath.

Then again, an argument has now been made addressing the later issues these families face may bring even more compelling drama. Having Skarsgard’s Perry return in flashbacks would perhaps help place the past events in a more complex context.

What the Season 2 trailer shows us

Based on the new trailer for the second season, we see Meryl Streep as Perry’s mother going after Nicole Kidman’s Celeste and blaming her for the murder. Even if this looks like an easy Emmy grab for Streep, there’s no denying the scenes with her and Kidman are going to be electric.

Going on these plot developments, the spirit of Perry is going to be ever-present. Whether this means Skarsgard will make cameos as Perry in flashbacks is still being kept a secret. Since this is initially going to dissect Perry’s mental state and how he was parented, you’d think he’d show up somewhere.

One thing we doubt will happen is the revelation he’s ultimately alive. A twist like this would leave a horrific, bad taste for wrapping Big Little Lies. What’s more haunting is just the specter of Perry permeating while analyzing his background through the eyes of his mother.

Considering this is from David E. Kelley’s pen again, no doubt he’ll take the smarter approach of just letting Perry’s unseen presence haunt the entire story.