‘Big Little Lies’: The Young Actor Who Plays Ziggy On Getting To Act With One Of His Heroes, Meryl Streep

Ian Armitage is the young actor behind Sheldon Cooper on Young Sheldon and Ziggy Chapman on HBO’s Big Little Lies. At only 10 years old he’s becoming quite the recognizable talent in Hollywood. 

Armitage, from day one, has been a passionate fan of the craft. Before he got his start in television, he filmed theater reviews for YouTube. The young actor filmed his first review when he was just three years old. Through these reviews, he became well-known in the Broadway community. He even worked as a correspondent at the Tony Awards when he was six. 

Iain Armitage | Richard Gosling Photography / Newspix
Iain Armitage | Richard Gosling Photography / Newspix

Big Little Lies is currently airing its second season and notable addition to the cast Meryl Streep is taking everyone by storm.  

Even before Streep became Armitage’s co-star, Streep was one of the young actor’s heroes. 

Ian Armitage (Ziggy) on getting to act with Meryl Streep on ‘Big Little Lies’

In a recent interview with W Magazine, Armitage spoke about what it was like to work with someone he respected so much. 

“She is amazing. You know, even like when you’re four, you just hear people talking about amazing people like that. And she is, oh my goodness, she is amazing. The great thing about people like her is that she is such a wonderful actress and she raises people to her level. So, you really feel so good. And she gives us fun little acting tips kind of! But she’s just so nice. And we have so many scenes with Nicholas and Cameron [Crovetti] who play Mac and Josh, and it is very fun,” he said. 

Apparently, Streep left an overwhelmingly positive impression on the young actor. He says, along with the acting tips she’d share, she made a point to help cultivate a fun, creative environment on set.  

“She’s such a wonderful lady. Oh, this was a fun story! So, one time on the set there was a piano, and I asked my mom if I could go over and play it. And she said, “Oh no, not right now, I think they’re busy.” And then Mrs. Meryl came up and said, “Oh they would like to hear him play, is it alright if he does it?” And mom was like “Yes.” So, she took me over to the piano and I played a bit and she played a bit and it was awesome,” he shared. 

In addition to loving working with Streep, Armitage spoke about how much he enjoys working with his Big Little Lies mom, Shailene Woodley.  

“Oh my goodness, she is so wonderful. She was one of my favorite first people I had ever met that did acting on a TV show kind of, and I don’t even have words. She was so amazing! We FaceTimed her before we filmed the first Big Little Lies, and she said that acting is like being on a giant playground, it’s so fun, you’re going to have so much fun, and from the very start she was like my real mom,” he said. 

Armitage also spoke about the type of music he enjoys listening to. His tastes are strikingly similar to that of Ziggy’s. 

“Oh my goodness. Well, I’m actually very excited because I have a long flight coming up tonight to Australia, so I get to listen to a lot of music. My favorite is actually just like Ziggy, David Bowie, a lot of David Bowie and Freddy Mercury and all of Queen. I love their songs. Actually right now I was just listening to Diamond Dogs by David Bowie,” he said. 

Big Little Lies airs Sunday nights on HBO. 

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