‘Big Little Lies’: What Season Three May Hold

Last night’s season finale of Big Little Lies left audiences in shock, but most of all it left them wanting more.

But as all Big Little Lies fans know, hoping for a Season Three would be pushing their luck. The show was originally supposed to be a limited series, so even Season Two was a stretch.

Will Season Three happen?

Though the show was supposed to end with the Season Two finale, some of the stars aren’t opposed to doing another season.

“I think we would love to do a Season Three because there is certainly ideas,” Nicole Kidman told News Corp Australia. “But we would not do it without all of the same people involved… even the kids.”  

But getting the cast together is easier said than done.

“I love this group of people — I would do anything with them. But the reality is, they are some of the busiest actresses working in Hollywood,” HBO president Casey Bloys told TV Line.

“I just think it’s not realistic,” he said of a Season Three.

In addition to having a hard time wrangling the cast for another season, the show’s executive producer, David E. Kelley, told reporters at HBO’s Television Critics Association press tour earlier this year that the story pretty much wrapped up with Season Two.

“No such plan now [for another season],” he said. “It’s one and two, and we like our closure with season two, but that will probably be it.”  

At the time, Kidman said that there was no exact plan to end the series but commented on how big of a production the whole thing was.

“There’s no plan for it to end, specifically,” the actress said. “This was a long shoot for us, and it was an enormous amount of work, and we’re just amazed that we can be here. Not to compare it to the first one because artistically it’s a wonderful thing to take something and go and the success of the first one was so massive, so we go, ‘OK, let’s jump off the cliff.’ But at the same time, it is its own entity and hopefully it will be taken that way. It was definitely made with an enormous amount of love.” 

What would happen in Season Three?

After the finale, fans couldn’t believe that the show would truly end on a cliff hanger like that.

“Omg!!! How could you end the season like this? I’m dead! Need more #BigLittleLies right now @HBO !!!!!” one person wrote on Twitter.

“If you don’t give me a season three… omg,” another fan tweeted.


@Big_Little_Lies  just ended like that with no promise of a season three?” one person asked. “What next @HBO? You getting ready to tell me that Santa Claus isn’t real? You’re mean, just mean.”

If Season Three does happen, we will get to see if the Monterey Five actually do turn themselves in. If they do, would the show follow them in jail and go an Orange is the New Black route? Or would something happen that would exonerate the women and allow them to walk free?

There are just too many unanswered questions for the show to just stop there.