‘Big Mouth’ Star, Nick Kroll Talks About the Inspiration Behind ‘Queer Eye’ Crossover

The Netflix animated show follows different kids going through the awkward aspects of puberty. Season 3 will continue that theme by showing new scenarios and guest stars.

Nick Kroll, Jason Mantzoukas, and Jessi Klein were at the Big Mouth New York Comic con press conference on Oct. 3. This what they had to say about the new season including the inspiration behind a Queer Eye crossover.

Different aspects of growing up will be shown in ‘Big Mouth’

Nick Kroll and Mark Levin speak onstage during the 'Big Mouth' panel during New York Comic Con
Nick Kroll and Mark Levin speak onstage during the ‘Big Mouth’ panel during New York Comic Con | Craig Barritt/Getty Images for ReedPOP

“This season Nick is obsessed with his phone because we wanted to talk about what it’s like for kids right now and their relationship to their phones,” teased the show creator.

The show’s writers are also writing new aspects of characters as time goes along. Jay (Jason Mantzoukas)’s bisexuality, wasn’t planned at the beginning of the show but was written later.

“And that’s what’s good about the show,” said Mantzoukas “is that things within earlier seasons can kind of flourish into other storylines or as these kids grow and age and, as everybody does, confront all of this stuff. The show allows for it while never compromising what’s funny.”

Jay’s home life will take a turn this new season. “Season 3 you see Jay kind of basically being abandoned and moving in to Nick’s house. Because I think all of us in the writers room knew a kid, or were the kid that like had to go stay at someone else’s house,” explained Kroll.

Thandie Newton plays a new character in season 3

The cast is continuing to get bigger this season and that means more stars. One of the new additions is Thandie Newton. Missy (Jenny Slate) is going to get a hormone monstress named Mona played by the actress.

“It took a while to find her design as we took a while to cast and figure out who Mona was and we landed on her being kind of like a fun London party girl,” revealed Kroll. “So when you see the final design she’s sort of in the Connie (Maya Rudolph) family of the hormone monstress.”

He did note how the new character will be different from Connie. “We realized like Connie’s hair is a very active part of her character. Mona’s got shorter hair,” said Kroll. “We then realized like her tail could be something that would be an extra flourish to just add personality to the character.”

Coach Steve gets a ‘Queer Eye’ makeover

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Another guest appearance that happens this season is the cast of Queer Eye playing themselves. Kroll talked about the inspiration behind the crossover.

“We just love the show and we thought that coach Steve would be a funny person to Queer Eye,” explained Kroll. He then said, “I like to describe [him] like a melon with a mustache. But underneath that is like we always feel like there might be like a good looking guy underneath all that.”

Fans will have to see what the character will look like after the makeover. Big Mouth season 3 is now available on Netflix.