The 5 Biggest Celebrity Environmentalists

A lot of celebrities try to use their platform for good by speaking up for causes they are passionate about. One popular issue is the environment. Many celebrities have been opting to buy environmentally-friendly cars rather than luxury ones. They have discussed other ways they try to conserve every day in interviews. But then there those who have gone above and beyond by joining protests in their spare time, and speaking out along with other protesters. So who are the most dedicated celebrities to the cause? Here are the five biggest celebrity environmentalists in Hollywood.

1. Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley posing for photgraphers

Shailene Woodley posing at the Allegiant premiere | Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images

The Divergent actress decided to help join an early protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. She claimed there were 200 people involved in the protest on Facebook. American Indians oppose the construction because it is sacred land and the pipeline would be bad for the environment.

The actress was arrested on October 10, 2016 along with 27 people for criminal trespassing and engaging in a riot, according to BBC. She claims in a video that she was peacefully walking back to her vehicle when “they grabbed me by my jacket and said that I wasn’t allowed to continue … and they have giant guns and batons and zip ties and they are not letting me go.”

Before the arrest, the actress talked about making various lifestyle choices based on the environment. “I was an environmentalist in high school,” she told Interview magazine, “or, I guess, a self-proclaimed environmentalist — and I started reading about the food system in America and how it’s owned by all of these corporations.”

2. Jude Law

Jude Law and Sienna Miller

Jude Law and Sienna Miller | Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

The actor also cares about the environment to the point that he protested against oil drilling in the Arctic, according to BBC. He along with other protesters, protested outside the Russian Embassy in London. The movement spread to over 40 countries and the actor spoke out in support of it. “I am just adding my face and body to the mass of support. What is ludicrous is that they have been charged with piracy.”

3. Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises

Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises | Warner Bros.

The Oscar winner also felt passionate about protesting Russia’s oil drilling in the Arctic. She caged herself in Paris’s Louvre museum in protest along with others, according to Hurriyet Daily News. She also held up a sign that read “I am a climate defender” and spoke out against Greenpeace activists being arrested for protesting. “There are people who have the courage to defend our planet and who put themselves into great trouble,” she said.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

He might be a huge star, but he still uses his spare time to make the world a greener place. The Oscar winner has the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation that focuses on environmental issues. He also partnered up with Fisher Stevens to make a documentary called Before the Flood. In it, the actor goes to five continents and the Arctic to talk to scientists about the challenges the environment faces.

5. Mark Ruffalo

Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Mark Ruffalo | Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The actor is green on and off-screen. He has been pretty active in keeping the anti-fracking movement alive. He also founded Water Defense, which is dedicated to banning hydraulic fracturing in New York. However he isn’t just focused on the Empire State. He also wrote publicly about trying to stop this practice in England and directly addressed the prime minister.

I urge [David] Cameron to keep his word and let their decision to reject fracking stand,” he said according to EcoWatch. “And I invite you, prime minister, to join the anti-fracking majority and join us in building the renewable energy future.”

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