Bill and Hillary Clinton: 30 Photos of Their Marriage Through the Years

No matter your political leanings, you’re surely familiar with the Clintons. From Bill’s presidency to Hillary’s campaign, their legacy has grown over time. And, through all the ups and downs, Hillary and Bill still remain married.

Here’s everything you need to know about how Bill and Hillary met, how they worked through their biggest controversies, and what they’re up to now. Did you know the Lewinsky affair wasn’t Bill’s first major scandal? (See page 11.)

1. 1971: Hillary attended Yale, where she spotted Bill joking with friends about watermelons

Hillary Clinton after graduating from Wellesley College

Hillary Clinton after graduating from Wellesley College | NBC News via YouTube

After graduating from Wellesley College in 1969, Hillary Clinton head to Yale Law School. And it was in 1971 when Bill first saw Hillary in a class on political and civil rights, Bustle notes. As for Hillary, the first time she noticed Bill was when he was talking to his friends about how Arkansas was capable of growing the largest watermelons in the world. When she inquired about him, she was told, “That’s Bill Clinton. He’s from Arkansas; that’s all he ever talks about.”

Next: Hillary took the initiative to introduce herself. 

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