Bill Murray Gives Drake’s Hit Song a Makeover

Over the years, Drake’s music has been covered by the likes of Tinashe, Erykah Badu, Alessia Cara, and Florence and the Machine.

The Toronto rapper’s catalog has been remixed, chopped up, parodied, and covered by celebrities and everyday folks alike, but who would’ve expected a Ghostbuster to knock down a Drake bop?

That’s what happened when actor Bill Murray partnered with an indie songwriter to do their own version of “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

Bill Murray, Drake
Bill Murray at 14th Rome Film Festival, 2019 | Mauro Fagiani/NurPhoto via Getty Images; Drake attends the ‘Top Boy’ UK Premiere | Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images

Drake’s ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ broke records

Drake appeared on the charts a few times in 2020, notably setting TikTok ablaze when he dropped “Toosie Slide” and his Dark Lane Demo Tapes mixtape earlier this year.

When “Laugh Now Cry Later” debuted in August, it hit second place on Billboard (right under “WAP”). However, the record — which includes a feature from Lil Durk — scored more than 69 million streams in its first week. It eventually reached first place.

In November, the track broke a record by becoming the rapper’s 21st number one hit on the charts, beating music legends Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin who both have 20.

Currently, the original Nike-heavy video has more than 200 million hits on YouTube.

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Bill Murray and Jenny Lewis cover ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’

Recently, Bill Murray got into the zone with his musician friend Jenny Lewis to do a unique rendition of the song. Lewis, who was once a child actor, is a well-respected singer-songwriter and former member of the band Rilo Kiley. She and Murray have been friends for years, and Lewis participated in his 2015 Netflix film, A Very Murray Christmas.

But they’ve also teamed up on charity projects and used music as a vehicle in the past.

For fans, it may not be shocking to see them cover a popular song (Lewis is known to cross genres), but seeing Murray jam out on the drums to remake a hip-hop track is quite entertaining. It’s a slower version of Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” but they’ve made it their own.

It’s unclear whether Drake is aware the acting legend gave the track a makeover.

Bill Murray is no stranger to making music

Drake and Lewis are seasoned in the music game, but some fans may not know that Murray has a history of dabbling in music. In 2017, he launched his New Worlds tour with a group of classical musicians and called themselves Bill Murray, Jan Vogler & Friends.

They performed songs from West Side Story along with tunes by George Gershwin and other artists. He also recited words from literary works as the band played compositions in the background.

And over a decade ago, Murray also played the guitar while sharing the stage with Eric Clapton. More than a few artists are his friends, but what about Drake? It’s unknown whether the pair know each other, but that doesn’t mean a surprise cameo is out of the question.

The “God’s Plan” rapper is currently working on a new album with plans to drop it in 2021.