Revealed: Why Billie Eilish Doesn’t ‘Really Believe in Advice’

We could all do with some advice from Billie Eilish. At only 17 years of age, the “Ocean Eyes” singer has already broken records. Her hit single, “Bad Guy” made her the very first, and currently, only, singer born in the 2000s to have a single recorded in the United States nab the number one spot. In addition to “Bad Guy”, Eilish has managed to rack up eight gold singles along with four platinum ones. She is currently gearing up for her second world tour, the Where Do We Go? Tour and she boasts a whopping 41.6 million followers on Instagram alone.

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Billie Eilish’s brother and parents got her interested in music at a young age

But just how did Eilish manage to achieve such a meteoric rise to success? Of course, her single “Ocean Eyes” put her on the map, but the 17-year-old has been thoroughly enamored with music her whole life. Eilish’s older brother, Finneas O’Connell, is involved in the music industry and her parents exposed her to a wide variety of music and musical genres in her childhood. The songstress can vividly remember listening to everything from My Chemical Romance to Frank Sinatra and everything in between.

Eilish’s songs span a multitude of genres

And perhaps that’s part of the reason that Eilish is so successful, talent aside. Having such a huge exposure to different artists and types of music has certainly had an influence on Eilish’s own artistry. It allows her to maintain a sense of fluidity within her artistry that some other artists don’t necessarily have. When you look closely at the teenager’s body of work, it’s hard to describe the type of music she’s produced over the past few years. Her sound has been categorized as everything from pop to alternative rock, to EDM and even called trap music at times.

Genre fluidity

Eilish is candid about the fact that her lack of genre is intentional. In conversation with Billie Armstrong for Rolling Stone, she passionately declares, “Oh, I can’t stand that!” when speaking about genres. She continues on the explain how happy she is about living in a generation that allows for genre fluidity. “I bet it was hard to kind of be in a world where it was only genres. Right now, it’s kind of like there’s no limit to what genre you can put yourself in. There’s still a little bit of a barrier, but I think when people were trying to be not everything else, there was a line. But people were like, ‘Wait, we like everything else,’” she shared with Armstrong.

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Why the Ocean Eyes singer doesn’t believe in advice

But despite all of her success, Eilish is hesitant to give anyone advice, even her younger self. She shares that nobody can ever know exactly what you’re going through so she’s hesitant to give or take advice from others and always has been. “I don’t really believe in advice. Sometimes when I’m given advice, I do the opposite. It’s just how I’ve been my whole life. Nobody has ever been through exactly what you’re going through, ever,” the singer shared. Honestly, we can see Eilish’s reasoning behind this choice. Clearly, her personal ethos on advice has worked out for the young star.