Billie Eilish Tells Gayle King She Doesn’t See Herself As a ‘Dark Person’

Gayle King of CBS This Morning just landed another interview with a music trailblazer. Recently sitting down with Tina Turner, Lizzo, Lil Nas X, and Bruce Springsteen, King can now add pop star Billie Eilish to her list of coveted gets.

Despite being known for her neo-goth style, the young singer claims she is not as dark as people may think.

Billie Eilish | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Quite a list of credits

According to CBS News, Eilish’s first album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” which released this year, marked one of the biggest debuts in music history. With her song “Bad Guy” hitting #1 and getting streamed more than 3 billion (that’s ‘billion’ with a ‘b’) times, Eilish has cemented herself as one of today’s hottest new performers.

Going by her first and middle name (her last name is O’Connell), the 17-year-old singer teamed up with 22-year-old brother Finneas to create what is now permeating the airwaves and creating plenty of buzz. The youngest artist ever to be nominated for all four major Grammy Awards, Eilish is surprised at the level she’s reached. “Never in a million years would’ve thought I would be anywhere near where I am now, at all,” Eilish told King.

Eilish’s parents, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell, noticed their children were captivated by music at an early age. The couple homeschooled their kids and placed a priority on encouraging their creativity. “Billie never ever stopped singing. I mean, it was insane,” Baird said of her daughter. “She sang practically before she talked. She sang everything, everywhere she went, to the point where you’d have to be, like, ‘You can’t sing here!'”

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Denying her darkness

Despite being seen by some as somber, or as the New York Times put it “sullen, depressive, death-haunted,” Eilish feels she’s simply relatable.

“At the beginning there was all these labels, and radio people that wouldn’t play me because I was too sad and no one was gonna relate to it,” Eilish revealed to King. “And that was just funny to me, ’cause I was like, everybody has felt sad in their lives. And of course it’s really important to promote happiness and loving yourself and stuff, but a lot of people don’t love themselves.”

When King asked if she sees herself as a dark person, Eilish emphatically replied, “No! Not at all. Nobody that knows me thinks I’m a dark person. My God. I’m, like, always laughing at everything.”

Repercussions of fame

Though the teenage singer maintains that she is not as gloom-filled as critics may make her out to be, Eilish shared that she recently went through a deep depression. Though the Grammy nominee has struggled with anxiety and depression in the past, she felt this bout was most likely brought on by the pressure of being in the spotlight.

“I was so unhappy last year. And even the beginning of this year, I was so unhappy. And I was so, like, joyless… I don’t know. I mean, there were so many reasons. It all was because I was actually clinically depressed. That was the beginning of it,” she revealed. “But then on top of it was this fame that I didn’t want at the time. It was this inability to go out places. And it was so torturous, ’cause all I wanted to do was go hang out with my friends.”

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With the help of therapy, family, friends, and her music, Eilish is experiencing improvements. “I’ve been kind of coming out of it for the last, like, six months actually, which feels like that [snaps fingers] to me,” she said. “But it’s, like, the most freeing feeling to be able to come out of that shell.”

Fans of Eilish are sure to tune into the Grammys in January to see how many awards she brings home!