Billie Eilish Gets Candid About Life on Tour; ‘Do I Even Enjoy Music’

It’s been a crazy few years for Billie Eilish. From recording her first single in 2016 to announcing her second world tour, Where Do We Go?, the “Ocean Eyes” singer has been on one heck of a journey. At just 17 years old, her unique voice has helped her secure a massive following. On Instagram alone, the songstress boasts a whopping 41.4 million followers. Furthermore, she remains the only person born in the 2000s to record a number one single in the United States. But, Eilish’s journey hasn’t been without her share of challenges. Recently, she got candid about touring and the affect it had on her.

Billie Eilish performs ahead of her second world tour
Billie Eilish | Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images

How Billie Eilish’s brother and parents influenced her musically

Before she was touring the world, Eilish was just another tween who loved music. She credits her family for cultivating her love of music from a very young age. Exposure to a wide array of genres eventually allowed the “Bad Guy” singer to make music that seems to have limited boundaries.

“We grew up on everything. I got all my music from my parents and my brother. It ranged from the Beatles and Green Day and My Chemical Romance to, like, Sarah McLachlan and Peggy Lee and Frank Sinatra. When I was 11 or 12. I remember finding Tyler, the Creator and just feeling, ‘Wow, this is what I’ve been needing to have as, like, a part of me,'” Eilish shared in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

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It wasn’t too long after Eilish discovered Tyler the Creator that she herself was touring and making music that people really resonated with. But, the 17-year-old confessed that she never thought that people would connect with her music the way that they have. “I’ve been surprised people like my music. Because there’s such a world of liking nothing, music that’s not really doing anything,” the “When The Party’s Over” singer shared.

Eilish was convinced nobody would care about Bury a Friend

In fact, Eilish even had a conversation with her mother where she was convinced that nobody would appreciate one of her most popular songs. “I remember having this conversation with my mom about “Bury a Friend.” We were like, “Nobody’s gonna give a fu*k, because the lyrics are ‘I want to end me.’ And I really, honestly did not think anyone would care. That’s why this whole ride has been so weird,” the singer admitted.

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The strain of tour life

Clearly Eilish was wrong, as she has millions of fans eagerly anticipating her upcoming 2020 tour. But, tour life hasn’t always been easy for the musician. She was candid about the fact that, in the past, touring had affected her so deeply that she started questioning her passion for music.

“There was a period where I was like, “Do I even enjoy music?” It just felt like so much touring. And I don’t mean the shows. The shows are always my favorite part. But it was just traveling and being alone all the time, on a cold bus in Europe, horrible food, and when you come back, everyone’s kind of moved on from you. This last tour I went on was the first I’ve ever enjoyed. I feel like I have this amazing thing that now I actually see,” Elish confessed. It’s great that the singer eventually found a way to enjoy her time on tour. We wish her every success on her upcoming tour in the new year.