‘BIP’: Caelynn Miller-Keyes Is Traveling With Dean Unglert, But Unglert Hasn’t Posted Any Photos of Her

Bachelor in Paradise is the perfect place for Bachelor and Bachelorette participants to have a second shot at love. And while some couples fans have been rooting for since they left the beaches of Mexico, like Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty, couldn’t make their love work outside of the show, a few others have managed to create a long-lasting bond.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert had a rocky start to Paradise, but they’re still together after the show’s end. And Miller-Keyes has even adapted to Unglert’s life on the road in his van. Oddly enough, while Miller-Keyes has posted recent photos of Unglert to show their adventures, Unglert hasn’t featured his girlfriend in any of his posts on Instagram. Here’s what we noticed.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert are getting serious with their relationship

When Miller-Keyes arrived in Paradise, she hoped to leave with a loving boyfriend — and it seems she’s found that in Unglert. Unglert had other plans initially, however. He made it known he was going to Paradise for the fun and adventure and not for a serious relationship. Despite his intentions, he took a liking to Miller-Keyes, and they ended up leaving Paradise together to pursue a relationship outside of the show.

The two aren’t yet on engagement level, but it’s clear they’re totally in love. Miller-Keyes has made an effort to get accustomed to Unglert’s life in his van, as he’s been living on the road to travel around the U.S. and Canada.

“I’m a pageant girl … but the Miller side of my family … they’re very adventurous, they’re hiking, they live in, like, Airstreams, you know? And so, I’m kind of embracing that side of myself that I never have before, and it’s been great,” Miller-Keyes told Access.

We can’t forget that Miller-Keyes recently added a photo of Unglert wearing a hair tie around his ring finger, too. Could this be foreshadowing what’s to come? We’ll have to wait and find out.

Miller-Keyes showed she’s currently traveling with Unglert

Miller-Keyes still lives in California, but she still travels frequently with Unglert. Back in October, the two took a vacation to Hawaii, and Miller-Keyes added plenty of photos to Instagram documenting the trip. Unglert added his own content, too, and tagged Miller-Keyes in it.

Since then, it looks like Unglert has taken quite a few adventures of his own. He documented his trips to Egypt and Mexico — both of which Miller-Keyes did not attend.

According to Miller-Keyes’ Instagram, it looks like she’s back on the road and enjoying van life with Unglert again. She added a video to her Instagram Story of her scratching Unglert’s back while he was driving the van. And she also added a couple Instagram posts explaining what the two of them were up to on their current adventure.

Miller-Keyes captioned the Instagram post of her hiking with Unglert, “4 days of camping, 25 miles of hiking, and one strained hip flexor later… thanks for bringing me along @deanie_babies.” After that, she also added a photo of her kissing Unglert’s cheek by a waterfall they visited on the same trip.

Unglert’s photos don’t feature Miller-Keyes

While Miller-Keyes featured Unglert on both her Instagram Story and her latest posts, Unglert hasn’t featured Miller-Keyes in his. The post of his trip with her only shows him hiking through the woods and standing next to a waterfall. Not only that, but he didn’t even mention Miller-Keyes in the photos he posted. And the last Instagram post he added with his girlfriend was from Halloween.

Is this a quiet indication that Miller-Keyes is more invested in their relationship than Unglert is? From the beginning, Unglert’s made it clear he doesn’t want to do things the “traditional” way, as he doesn’t even follow Miller-Keyes on Instagram. But that doesn’t mean he’s not invested in her. The fact that Unglert even takes Miller-Keyes on these adventures should be proof enough that things are going well. He might just be leaving the romantic Instagram posts for Miller-Keyes to add.

We’re excited to see where Miller-Keyes and Unglert go next!

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