‘BiP’: Caelynn Miller-Keyes Just Told Dean Unglert He Looks Like He’s ‘Struggling’ in His Recent Instagram Photo

Viewers saw both heartbreak and love flourish on his past season of Bachelor in Paradise — and Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert went through all of this too. While Miller-Keyes started the season totally hung up on her previous relationship with Blake Horstmann, everything changed when Unglert arrived. They hit it off immediately and seemed to have a great relationship. And even though Unglert ended things by leaving the beach without Miller-Keyes, he returned once he realized how much he really cared for her.

The two have been going strong ever since, and fans are obsessing over their Instagrams. In a recent post of Unglert’s, however, Miller-Keyes told him he doesn’t look too confident in what he’s doing. Here’s what she said.

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes frequently comment on each other’s Instagrams

Even before fans knew what was going on with Unglert and Miller-Keyes, they weren’t too subtle with their flirtation via Instagram. Both of them were posting photos from the same exotic locations to the ‘gram, and Unglert even added this photo of himself with Miller-Keyes’ name written across a piece of tape on his chest.

Now, the two can be caught commenting on each other’s Instagram photos. Recently, Unglert playfully commented on Miller-Keyes’ post of herself in Paris, “remember when i was your designated photographer?” And Miller-Keyes is often found in the comments of Unglert’s posts as well.

Oddly enough, the two don’t follow each other on the ‘gram despite their communication. Cosmopolitan notes Unglert told Us Weekly, “I don’t like doing what’s expected of me and I feel that with couples, especially those coming out of this franchise, we’re expected to follow each other on Instagram, do interviews together to have this happy couple image. I want to break out of that mold and be the couple that never does interviews together, doesn’t follow each other on Instagram.”

He recently got flack from his followers for complaining about a shoulder injury

Unglert frequently posts about his travels on the ‘gram, and a recent post caught his fans’ attention. He posted this photo of him doing some outdoor rock climbing and made the caption about a potential injury. As he wrote, “i hurt my shoulder last week so if there are any medical professionals out there that can diagnose me based solely on my muscle composition … that’d be great.”

To that, fans seemed to roll their eyes at the drama. As one follower commented, “You’re probably just being dramatic you’ll be fine i swear.” Another wrote, “Probs just popped out of place a bit or hyperextended ligament. You’re fine.” And Unglert himself seemed to acknowledge his own drama. He replied back to the first fan, “sounds about right.”

Miller-Keyes added a snide comment on his most recent post

It looks like Miller-Keyes is getting in on the fun of making fun of Unglert, too. After his dramatic post regarding his potentially injured shoulder, he added another photo of him hiking up the side of a mountain. In the caption, he gave a shoutout to the gear he was using and offered a discount code, as the post was sponsored.

Miller-Keyes’ response was quite comical, too. As anyone else might be impressed by Unglert’s athleticism, she commented, “You look like you’re struggling….” And Unglert added his own retort back, as he wrote, “existentially life is a struggle. this a mere depiction of that.” After that comment, he also added, “also….yes i am struggling.”

Fans took to Miller-Keyes’ comment to ask their own questions. As one follower asked, “@caelynnmillerkeyes are you following him yet!? Lol.” It appears these two still aren’t following each other, however — though we’re sure we’ll see more funny interactions between the two of them in the future. Here’s to the happy couple!

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