‘BIP’: Caelynn Miller-Keyes Posts That Dean Unglert Was Late To Be Her Date At A Wedding This Past Weekend

Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert have been traveling a lot since the Bachelor In Paradise finale. And why not when your house is on wheels?

Dean Unglert | Lorenzo Bevilaqua via Getty Images
Dean Unglert | Lorenzo Bevilaqua via Getty Images

Most recently, Miller-Keyes and Unglert made their way to Arizona for a wedding (stopping at Joshua Tree along the way). Though it looks like the two stayed in a hotel in Arizona (probably a better situation for the couple to get dolled up for the ceremony), they did take the van there.

“I love the van life. Ok so I’m a pageant girl, people don’t believe me, but I’m Miller and I’m Keyes, there’s two last names, two families involved obviously, as every family, but the Miller side of my family–Dean just met my grandparents today, he met the Miller side–they’re very adventurous. they’re hiking, they live in like airstreams, you know? I’m kind of embracing that side of myself that I never have before and it’s been great,” Miller-Keyes told Access of adjusting to the van life.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes says Dean Unglert was late to a wedding they were attending but it’s ok

Miller-Keyes posted a photo of her and Unglert looking their wedding-guest best on Sunday.

She captioned the photo: “He showed up late, but how can you stay mad at that face 😍”


Some Bachelor In Paradise fans took to the comments to voice their opinions on Unglert’s tardiness.

“It’s called respect for someone’s time. Simple :)” wrote one Instagram user.

A couple users surmised that maybe Unglert was late due to van troubles.

“Maybe his van broke down,” commented one fan.

“Did the van break down?” asked another.

And some fans agreed with Miller-Keyes in that Unglert’s got a forgivable face.

“the stache makes up for it, right?” wrote one fan.

Other than the comments on Unglert’s being late, the post received a mostly positive, complimentary response.

“I’m so happy for you. You look beautiful,” wrote one fan.

“love you two together so much!!” wrote another.

Get married already,” commented another.

“You look Stunning! Such a cute couple!”

Dean Unglert posted a similar photo of him and Caelynn Miller-Keyes from the weekend

Unglert posted a similar photo oh himself and Miller-Keyes with the caption, “rule no76: no excuses, play like a champion,” quoting the movie Wedding Crashers.

His post was also flooded with compliments from fans, mostly about his relationship with Miller-Keyes.

“Blessings to you two for a life full of love and happiness!” wrote one fan.

“Omg!!! Totally rooting for you both. So when’s the wedding?” asked another.

“Ugh so glad you came back to the beach,” commented another.

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