‘BiP’: Caelynn Miller-Keyes Says She’s Headed ‘Back to the Van’ After Her Current Trip

We’ve seen love, heartbreak, and major drama on all of the Bachelor shows, and this past season of Bachelor in Paradise didn’t disappoint. And a lot of the tears on the beach came from Caelynn Miller-Keyes this past season. While she was initially hung up on the relationship she maintained with Blake Horstmann outside of Paradise, her sights were set on Dean Unglert when he arrived. And after a rocky start to their relationship, they both seem quite happy together now.

Recently, Miller-Keyes has been quite active on Instagram, as she’s showing off her travels. But she also just noted that once she’s back in the U.S., she’s headed straight for Unglert’s van. Here’s what she told one of her followers.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes is currently living it up in France

Caelynn Miller-Keyes visits 'Extra'
Caelynn Miller-Keyes visits ‘Extra’ | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Now that Paradise is over, all of the contestants can get back to their real lives — but Miller-Keyes and Unglert now have a brand new “normal.” While on the beaches of Mexico, Unglert first left Miller-Keyes behind, as he didn’t think his current lifestyle would fit with hers. We know Unglert is currently jobless and living out of his van he’s converted into a tiny mobile home, and since Miller-Keyes grew up as a pageant girl, no one expected her to adjust. To everyone’s surprise, she chose to take him back when he returned to the beach for her, as this also meant she accepted his lifestyle and was willing to give it a try for herself.

Currently, Miller-Keyes isn’t with Unglert in his van, though. She’s working on a photo shoot with other Bachelor alums (like Tayshia Adams) for Amaryllis Apparel. The shoot has taken her all the way to Paris, too. While she’s been posting photos of her adventures, Unglert has also been on his own overseas trip to Cairo, Egypt.

She and Unglert posted a video of their life in his van

When Miller-Keyes and Unglert aren’t in different countries, it appears they have life figured out in the van. The happy couple recently posted a video of van life and what it looks like on the inside. “What’s up? Welcome to my crib!” Unglert says in the video once Miller-Keyes knocks on the car doors. And while the van isn’t spacious, fans can tell he put a lot of thought into the layout.

Unglert then goes on to show the “bedroom,” which is just a full-sized mattress. “Got a good weighted blanket for you and your anxiety for dating a guy that lives in a van,” he joked. And Unglert also showed off the drawers he made himself and the “entertainment” area, which looks to be a single iPad attached to a swivel. Not only that, but there’s also a “secondary bedframe” on the roof of the van. “That’s it! Welcome to your new home, I hope you love it,” Unglert tells Miller-Keyes.

Miller-Keyes says she’s heading back to the van soon

While Bachelor in Paradise fans knew Miller-Keyes would be spending a lot of time with Unglert after the show, reality has now set in that she really does appear to be living in the van a lot of the time. And she just told an Instagram follower that that’s where she’s headed back to after France. On this photo of Miller-Keyes in Versailles, a follower commented, “From van to Versailles. Get it girl.” And to that, Miller Keyes responded, “and straight back to the van.”

Not everyone thinks Miller-Keyes will last with Unglert, as some comments on the video tour of the van suggest Miller-Keyes’ life as a pageant queen just isn’t fit for van life. But she seems ultra-happy now. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in a relationship, like honestly,” she told Access.

We’re wishing Miller-Keyes and Unglert all the best, and we can’t wait to hear even more about van life as it resumes!

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