‘BIP’: Chris Bukowski Says Katie Morton Is Having A Hard Time With ‘All This Publicity’ And ‘Negativity’

Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton got engaged on the most recent season of Bachelor In Paradise. Their relationship moved at a slow pace in Mexico (for Bachelor Nation)–they started out as friends and eventually took the leap into romantic territory.

Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images
Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Throughout their time together on the show, Morton frequently complained about a lack of communication from Bukowski. During the Bachelor In Paradise finale, she walked on stage without her engagement ring and told host Chris Harrison that she felt she was giving and giving in her relationship only to receive the bare minimum back.

Since then, in interviews and on Instagram, the couple’s said they’re working on their relationship and, today, are in a good place.

In a recent interview with Invest Diva, Bukowski spoke about his relationship with Morton.

Why Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton don’t post about each other on social media

He addressed why he and his fiancé rarely post photos of each other on social media.

“We like to keep things kind of private. Obviously it’s weird to say that since we met on such a public platform.  But you know, there’s a lot of stuff that can deter you even if you try to ignore some of the noise,” he said.

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Bukowski says he and Morton try to just focus on each other rather than focusing on presenting their relationship to the general public.

“We just try to kind of focus in on our relationship rather than, you know, throwing… everything out there for everyone to have an opinion about,” he said.

Bukowski (especially) and Morton received a lot of scrutiny after Bachelor In Paradise. Since they had a bit of a rocky start, Bachelor Nation criticized the couple pretty heavily.

How social media negativity affects Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton

Bukowski, being a Bachelor franchise veteran, has had plenty of practice dealing with the negativity that comes from starring in a reality TV show, especially in the form of social media hate.

“I’ve done this for so long, so its easier,” he said.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still get to him sometimes.

“Its brutal.  You know, people are mean before they’re nice, unfortunately,” he said.

Morton, on the other hand, is still adjusting to being a reality TV star.

“For Katie, you know, it’s her first time around with all this publicity and stuff, so its tough… You know, you’ll never meet these people, but any negativity about yourself, I mean it hurts to read stuff like that.  About yourself, your family, your friend, its just tough to read, regardless if someone’s not saying it to your face, you know?” he shared.

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