‘BIP’: What Chris Randone Says Mike Johnson Did Wrong If He Wanted To Become The Bachelor

The next Bachelor hasn’t been announced yet, but much of Bachelor Nation has been hoping for Mike Johnson. America fell in love with Johnson’s big smile and sweet personality on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. When he was sent home after a tearful breakup, viewers were heartbroken.

However, Chris Randone, who just got married to Krystal Nielson on Bachelor In Paradise, says Johnson made one big mistake if he was hoping to be the next Bachelor.

Chris Harrison and Mike Johnson | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Chris Harrison and Mike Johnson | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Mike Johnson’s big ‘Bachelor’ mistake, according to ‘BIP’ alum Chris Randone

“I think Mike would be a great Bachelor… and we can make history with that,” Randone recently told Entertainment Tonight, nodding to the fact that Johnson would be the first black Bachelor in the show’s history. “There was a key moment in Paradise that just took place, where Mike didn’t show that next level what it took as far as the empathy or the emotional side to be vulnerable [as a lead].” 

The moment Randone’s referring to was when Hannah Brown arrived at the beach. The former BIP star says Johnson should have spoken to Brown about their relationship and breakup.

“Last year, we saw Colton [Underwood], when Becca [Kufrin] came. What happened with Colton? He broke down crying. He was just heartbroken, and that gave us the side of Colton we never really saw,” he said. “Mike has never given us that, and I think that’s where Mike failed in this process, if he doesn’t become the Bachelor, of not showing us that emotional, deep side that was hard for him to be vulnerable.” 

“That would allow us to know he can hit every angle of emotions when it comes to being the Bachelor,” he added. 

Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone think Derek Peth should be the next Bachelor

As for who Randone and Nielson think the gig should go to–they’re team Derek Peth.

“We’re very public supporters for Derek, ever since we saw Demi [Burnett’s] relationship unfold with Kristian [Haggerty], and how he handled that with such class and grace, and allowed Demi a safe space for her to open up and show who she was. And I think had she been with someone else, perhaps she wouldn’t have felt so safe to open up her heart and let us into the struggles she was going through,” Nielson told ET.

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“I think it was the understanding that Derek provided, and the emotional intelligence of that situation where he was a listener, not someone who was opinionated. And what that takes… someone who can understand women, that’s a quality we need in a Bachelor, when 30 women are coming through that limo. And he’s a very mature man with stability,” Randone agreed. “Nothing against Pete the Pilot, I just think there’s some extra layers there.” 

“The embodiment of a Bachelor is at a higher level [with Derek] than Pete, when it comes to that,” he added. 

Reality Steve recently announced who the next Bachelor is going to be. If you want to find out, click here.

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