BiP: Clay Harbor Just Clapped Back at Nicole Lopez-Alvar; ‘You Can’t Force Things’

Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar might have called in quits during the Bachelor in Paradise season finale, but that hasn’t stopped them both from constantly rehashing their relationship, which spanned just a few weeks. Since their conversation from the Bachelor in Paradise reunion was cut from the air, fans are confused about what happened between the pair after they left the beach. Though they have both said their piece, they continue to trade jabs back and forth. Now Harbor is clapping back at Lopez-Alvar’s latest claims on Twitter.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion
Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Lopez-Alvar called Harbor out on Instagram

In case you missed it, earlier this week Lopez-Alvar proceeded to call Harbor out via Instagram after he made a joke on John Paul Jones’ page about rushing into an engagement. She maintained that he only went on Bachelor in Paradise to try and save his “failed NFL career”. Furthermore, she accused him of being a commitmentphobe and leading her and his ex, Angela Amezcua (who she bashed throughout the entire season of Bachelor in Paradise) on. She also said that he claimed to want a relationship with her post-paradise, but never reached out to her until the day before the reunion to make sure she wouldn’t “roast him.”

Clay Harbor addresses his NFL career

Clearly Harbor didn’t agree with Lopez-Alvar’s many statements, and he took to his Twitter page to respond and share his side of the story. Firstly, he addressed his career and assured his followers that he was by no means an NFL failure. “I wasn’t even gonna respond to the comments but what I will say is my Failed NFL career Was 3 times the average career length. I’m extremely proud of the work I put in to accomplish that goal of playing NFL football for the better part of a decade. For a poor kid from the sticks of Dwight, Illinois that wasn’t even supposed to even go to college. I was able to change mine and my family’s entire situation. That’s what motivated me, and that’s what I did,” the Bachelor in Paradise alum declared.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor during the Bachelor in Paradise finale
Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor| John Fleenor via Getty Images

Nicole Lopez-Alavar’s new boyfriend

Harbor then took the liberty to address Lopez-Alvar’s claim that he never reached out to her to pursue a relationship after she broke things off. Harbor shared that it was something he actually considered prior to learning that she had a new boyfriend. “As far as reaching out is concerned I was going to reach out but after finding out she had a boyfriend a couple weeks after the show I decided not to. I was happy for her and didn’t wanna intrude,” he penned in a subsequent tweet.

The ex-football player then added that he would never be guilted into an engagement. As he and Lopez-Alvar had only dated for a few weeks (and not even exclusively, as Lopez-Alvar dated two other guys throughout her tenure on Bachelor in Paradise) he didn’t feel engagement was an appropriate next step at the time.

Harbor claps back on Twitter

“No I will not be pressured into something as powerful as an engagement. Yes I’m aware it’s accelerated but each relationship is different and I didn’t really think mine made it far enough yet to be ready for that step. You can’t force things and I came in hoping to find that. I honestly think I would have went home if not for the fight. (Thanks Jordan) after seeing what happened whenever someone else showed a little interest I lost a lot of confidence in my relationship and wanted the opportunity to see what would happen in real life so I’m sorry if that’s wrong,” Harbor said, reflecting on his relationship with Lopez-Alvar.

Harbor concluded his series of tweets by addressing Lopez-Alvar’s claims that he had led his other ex-girlfriend, Amezcua, on. “As far as Angela is concerned Angela and I met and dated completely off-camera and we decided to break up. People break up. Everyone on the show has broken up otherwise they wouldn’t be on the show. A big reason I decided to end things was not to waste her time or lead her on. (I was also told she wouldn’t be in paradise but that’s another story),” Harbor concluded.

Moving on from Bachelor in Paradise

Honestly, we don’t see anything wrong with Harbor’s decision not to propose on the beach. Every relationship is different and rushing into an engagement for the sake of a television show is no way to ensure a marriage with longevity. Hopefully, now that Harbor and Lopez-Alvar have both said their piece, they’ll be able to move on and focus on their separate journeys.