‘BiP’: Clay Harbor Just Left a Shady Comment About Engagement on John Paul Jones’ Instagram

The latest season of Bachelor in Paradise is over, but the heartbreak that occurred while on the beaches of Mexico still remains. Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar were one of the strongest couples right from the beginning of the season, and many anticipated nothing could come between their love. Unfortunately, we know they didn’t work out in the end. And now, it seems Harbor and Lopez-Alvar hold a lot of animosity toward each other since their time in Paradise ended.

Despite letting the heartbreak go, Harbor appears to have just left a seriously shady comment on John Paul Jones’ recent Instagram post. Here’s what he wrote and what fans had to say about it.

Clay Harbor couldn’t tell Nicole Lopez-Alvar he loved her in ‘Paradise’

Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Everyone who goes on Bachelor in Paradise knows there’s a decision to be made at the end for couples in lasting relationships. And while a few couples on the most recent season of the show did, indeed, get engaged, Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar were not among them.

Life & Style reminds us while Lopez-Alvar had multiple suitors throughout the season, she also fell back on dating Harbor, and she truly thought their relationship was forever. While Harbor definitely enjoyed his time with Lopez-Alvar, seeing his ex, Angela Amezcua, arrive on the beach seemed to throw him for a loop. And when it came to decision day, Lopez-Alvar wanted Harbor to tell her that he was in love with her — and he couldn’t.

For that reason, Lopez-Alvar and Harbor split. And given the interactions they’ve had on Instagram, it’s clear the two aren’t friends.

Harbor left a shady comment on John Paul Jones’ Instagram

John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams have one of the most unlikely (yet charming) relationships to come out of Paradise. While Jones took a liking to Adams when first getting to know her, Adams was back and forth with her feelings. And when it came to the end of the season, Adams broke things off with Jones, as she didn’t think their relationship would work in the real world.

We know Adams eventually changed her mind, however. And now, she and Jones are making their relationship work — and they’re both posting about it on Instagram. Right after posting a photo with Adams, Jones posted another artsy photo of him sitting against a tree next to a body of water. He captioned it, “Some things just take time.”

Harbor took to Jones’ Instagram post to add his own comment that was surely directed at Lopez-Alvar. “I learned engagements aren’t supposed to,” he wrote.

Fans are freaking out over the comment

Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor on the 'Bachelor in Paradise' reunion
Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor on the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ reunion | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Fans saw Harbor’s comment and immediately commented back on the post. As one follower wrote, “@clayharbs82 be petty, be extra, be anything but forcibly engaged.” Another added, “I think you waiting to propose showed more class and maturity than anything else. You’re right, things take time. Too bad you weren’t given a chance to prove that.”

Not everyone agreed with what Harbor wrote, however. “Stop throwing shade on someone else’s post and just talk to Nicole or move on damn,” another follower added. Yet another wrote, “Grow up my dude! You literally went on a show, multiple times, that has an end goal of engagement. You strung women along without having conversations that your end result of the show wouldn’t be engagement. Lose the shade, it’s unattractive and immature.”

We’re willing to bet Lopez-Alvar is still ready to throw shade if the chance arises, so it might be for the best that she doesn’t seem Harbor’s comment on Jones’ post. Hopefully, these two can eventually work out their differences and stop bringing their drama into the social media limelight.

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