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Demi Burnett blew onto Bachelor in Paradise with her usual charm and wit, but with a little bit of emotional baggage too — she wasn’t sure what she wanted. When Burnett arrived in Mexico, she revealed that she was actually involved with a woman in Los Angeles. She realized she needed to sort out what she actually wanted in a relationship, and she expected Bachelor in Paradise would help her figure that out. 

And it did — Burnett wound up with her lady love, Kristian Haggerty, who appeared on the show towards the end of the season. Since then, there have been some breakup rumors, which have promptly been squashed. Now, fans are wondering why the two women haven’t moved in together yet. 

Shutting down breakup rumors 

For a while, fans thought that Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty might have split up, despite their recent engagement. However, Burnett was quick to shut down those rumors. In fact, she reminded fans that her life is her own. 

“Every relationship is different and it’s like — I mean in the most respectful way — it’s nobody’s business how our relationship works. We both have so much going on right now. She’s in Florida, I’m in New York but we do spend time together. Just because we don’t broadcast it doesn’t mean that we’re not together,” explained Burnett. 

Burnett reminded fans that she and Haggerty just went through a lot in the public eye, and that their relationship needs room to breathe. “We just got engaged and we need to breathe for a minute. But I am super excited to plan a wedding!” the Bachelor in Paradise star explained.

Fans are supportive of their relationship as well. One Instagram user commented, “You’re both so perfect together and loved watching your journey on BIP I hope you both will be happy together and wish you all the happiness in the world.”

Another fan added, “Honestly watching this season and watching you be so honest and in love with her was wonderful, this is my first time dating a girl and all the feeling that you had/have I do too. It was great of you two to do that! Thank you.”

Why they haven’t moved in 

Despite Demi Burnett’s efforts to dispel the breakup rumors, fans have still been wondering why the two haven’t moved in together yet. 

“We’re not too far apart. I think it’s important to kind of have our space just so, you know, we can develop a normal, very solid, steady relationship,” said the Bachelor in Paradise star.

She added, “She’s in Florida, I’m in New York, but we do spend time together,” she said. “Just because we don’t broadcast it doesn’t mean that we’re not together.”

“If you just jump into it and just rush everything, for me personally, that’s not how I could have a successful relationship. I have to definitely take it at a steady pace. We’re definitely just dating right now,” explained Burnett to Us Weekly. 

Again, it seems as if pacing and a reasonable timeline are important to Burnett and Haggerty 

Some fans didn’t like her appearance on the show

Meanwhile, there are fans who were critical of Kristian Haggert’s appearance on Bachelor in Paradise. Some fans thought that bringing her onto the show was simply a ploy by producers to drum up drama. 

One fan wrote on Twitter, “Read your audience…. Derek was treated unfairly and there’s been hypocrisy about having a SO at home….”

Another Twitter user added, “Produced is the key word. Even though I support Demi and Kristian 100% tonight felt very scripted and contrived.”

One disgruntled user said, “Demi should have left the paradise and continue having a relationship with Kristian. I thought Bachelor in Paradise is for Bachelor Nation.”