‘BIP’ Fans Are Slamming Kristina Schulman for Promoting Stagecoach Music Festival on Her Instagram

We’re all ready to watch Peter Weber attempt to find love on The Bachelor, but we’re still reeling from the events that took place in the last season of Bachelor in Paradise. While some of the couples from BIP are still together, we saw a lot more heartbreak than we did proposals. And much of the drama centered around Blake Horstmann, Kristina Schulman, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and Stagecoach Festival.

Prior to their time on BIP, all three of these contestants found themselves in a love triangle thanks to what occurred at Stagecoach. While it caused Schulman a lot of stress, she recently took to Instagram to promote Stagecoach — and it shocked her fans.

Blake Horstmann had multiple ‘Bachelor’ hookups at Stagecoach Festival

While many Bachelor stars attend Stagecoach, the most infamous of them all is Blake Horstmann. When Horstmann arrived on the Mexico beaches looking for love, many of the women were interested in going on a date with him. But after it was revealed that he already hooked up with a few of the contestants at Stagecoach, it put a black mark on his record.

Horstmann hooked up with both Schulman and Miller-Keyes at Stagecoach. And according to Miller-Keyes, her relations with Horstmann were a lot more serious than he let on. She said they talked about skipping Paradise to be together, but he then ended up ghosting her.

“He ended up sweet-talking me and we spent the night together. And we wake up and I’m in his bed and he’s DMing Hannah G.,” Miller-Keyes said of her time with Horstmann. “I’m still in his bed, he’s talking about how hot Tayshia is. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Like no dude, that’s not OK.”

After that, Horstmann famously released texts between him and Miller-Keyes to help clear his name — but it just painted him in an even worse light.

The Stagecoach debacle put Kristina Schulman and Caelynn Miller-Keyes at odds

Kristina Schulman attends the PHAME Expo 2018
Kristina Schulman attends the PHAME Expo 2018 | Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Everyone had their opinions regarding what went down at Stagecoach. And it seems Schulman and Miller-Keyes weren’t fans of each other after they discovered Horstmann had relations with both of them. Not only that, but Schulman later went on to tell publications that there was even more to the story.

Schulman told Entertainment Tonight that Miller-Keyes hooked up with another one of her exes in addition to Horstmann while at Stagecoach. “I don’t want to mention who it is, just because it’s not relevant. I just wanted to say what my situation was with Caelynn, and it wasn’t that I just disregarded her from the get-go,” Schulman explained. “It was a little bit more personal and she did it personally.”

Miller-Keyes hasn’t addressed any of this drama, however, so we’re not sure exactly what happened there from her perspective.

Schulman’s Instagram photo of her at Stagecoach has her fans freaking out

Despite everything that occurred at Stagecoach, Miller-Keyes made it clear she’d still go to Stagecoach if boyfriend Dean Unglert wants to go. And it looks like Schulman is in the same boat. She recently posted a photo to Instagram showing herself in front of the Stagecoach sign.

“Country music is my fav and The Highway has always been my go-to channel, not only for the country music but also for the memories,” she captioned the post. “I got to go to one of my favorite events, Stagecoach, with SiriusXM earlier this year and it was definitely a MOMENT!⁣”

Unfortunately, the post didn’t sit well with her followers.

“Girl what u doing there?? You know that’s not a good idea,” one of her followers commented.

Another wrote, “You being here ruined your life why would you be excited to go again… for more fame.”

Yet another commented, “I see Blake in the background…run, run, run.”

We’ll have to wait and see which Bachelor contestants go out to Stagecoach this April, as we’re betting we’ll see Schulman there. As for Horstmann, we’re not so sure.

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