‘BiP’ Fans Think Caelynn Miller-Keyes Looks More Beautiful Now That She’s Dating Dean Unglert

There are quite a few couples who found love on the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise, and fans are still obsessing over Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert. Unglert made it known he didn’t aim to find love during his second go-round of Paradise, and Miller-Keyes appeared to be totally emotionally unavailable due to her feud with Blake Horstmann. Despite all that, Miller-Keyes and Unglert hit it off once they got to know each other. And while they had a few rough patches, they decided to leave the beach together and pursue a relationship outside of the show.

Unglert had his doubts regarding whether their relationship would work in the real world, as Miller-Keyes is a beauty queen with a pageantry background and he lives in a van. But fans think Unglert’s influence is making Miller-Keyes look even more beautiful now. Here’s why.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes is embracing her more adventurous side now that she’s with Dean Unglert

Miller-Keyes has definitely not lived in a van before now, but she seems to be loving this new, adventurous lifestyle. Unglert was quite transparent when he arrived on the beaches of Paradise in regards to his living and work situation. He doesn’t have a steady job or a home rooted in one place — but he has made some adjustments for Miller-Keyes in the van, as noted in this video posted to Instagram.

Miller-Keyes has remarked on her new and exciting life with Unglert, too. “I’m a pageant girl … but the Miller side of my family … they’re very adventurous, they’re hiking, they live in, like, Airstreams, you know? And so, I’m kind of embracing that side of myself that I never have before, and it’s been great,” she told Access.

Unglert told Miller-Keyes he’d take her on a trip if she didn’t wear makeup on TV

There’s definitely not much room for Miller-Keyes’ belongings in the van, so there’s no doubt she’s had to make some makeup and fashion sacrifices. And we can’t forget that Unglert even challenged Miller-Keyes to not wear makeup during the BiP finale. “We have a lot of travel plans coming up. Dean told me if I didn’t wear makeup to the reunion he’d take me to the Maldives,” she told Access. “I’d wear, like, a little bit of concealer, blush … I felt very vulnerable, but he challenges me in that way too.”

Fans of The Bachelor certainly notice a change in Miller-Keyes since when she was on Colton Underwood’s season, too. We can’t forget that one of their first dates involved Underwood taking Miller-Keyes shopping for beautiful clothing, and they talked about her past in pageantry quite a bit. Now, Miller-Keyes appears to be more down to earth.

Fans think Miller-Keyes looks more beautiful and natural than ever

Caelynn Miller-Keyes attends boohoo x Caelynn Beachside Brunch
Caelynn Miller-Keyes attends boohoo x Caelynn Beachside Brunch | Presley Ann/Getty Images for boohoo.com

Fans are noticing major differences in Miller-Keyes’ demeanor and looks. She recently had an interview with Entertainment Tonight to discuss her new clothing line with Boohoo as well as where she’s at with Unglert. The video shows her wearing a beautiful jumpsuit as well as a more natural look with her makeup and hair, and many took to the comments to express how gorgeous she appears.

“Less makeup suits her! She looks very pretty and fresh,” one YouTube user commented on the interview. Another wrote, “Her confidence is glowing her from the inside out and I wish nothing but joy for her and Dean.” Yet another added, “She looks so much better with less makeup. Dean has been a positive influence on Caelyn. I’m happy for her.”

We’re all excited to see how Unglert and Miller-Keyes’ relationship progresses, as they truly do seem perfect for each other. And it’s nice to see Miller-Keyes look so healthy and happy after all she’s been through!

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