‘BIP’ Fans Think This Part of Tayshia Adams’ Breakup Instagram Post Doesn’t Make Any Sense

There are plenty of adorable couples that lasted all through this last season of Bachelor in Paradiseand Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones quickly became fan favorites. Jones took a liking to Adams from the moment he first met her, but it took Adams awhile longer before she warmed up to the idea of dating him. They finally got together on the beaches but Mexico — but in the end, Adams decided she couldn’t go through with their relationship, so she called it quits.

That’s not the end, however. As we know, Adams flew out to Jones in Maryland once she arrived back home to ask him to give her a second chance, and their romance flourished. It looks like it’s all come to an end once again, however, as Adams just announced their breakup on Instagram. One aspect of the split post is baffling fans, however. Here’s what it is.

Adams and Jones appeared to have a strong connection

Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones on the 'Bachelor in Paradise' reunion
Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones on the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ reunion | (John Fleenor via Getty Images

It’s not unusual for Bachelor Nation couples to go their separate ways after leaving reality TV, but fans thought Adams and Jones made the perfect match. Back in September, Adams even posted this adorable photo of her and Jones by the pool with the caption, “TAYPJ for the win!” And while some fans grew worried when they noticed Adams wasn’t posting as many photos of her with Jones to Instagram as they expected, the couple seemed to dispell any breakup rumors with their interviews.

Back in September, they even discussed their blossoming relationship to Access. While Adams told the interviewer they wouldn’t be getting engaged anytime soon, she did mention that she’d like to “eventually” marry Jones. And when the interviewer asked Adams, “Are you in love with JPJ?” Adams seemed shy about her answer while Jones later admitted to being “smitten” with his girlfriend.

Adams recently announced their breakup

While BIP fans hoped Adams and Jones were actually doing just fine, Adams announced their breakup on Instagram. “I know you guys have been asking about John and I recently, and as much as I like to keep my personal life private, I realize you have all watched and been a part of our journey from the beginning,” she started her post. She then went on to explain that their “insane schedules” made it very difficult to build a real and lasting connection.

“We truly did the best we could, but at this time have decided that what is best for the both of us is to go our separate ways. We are the best of friends and will continue to remain in each other’s life because regardless of the situation, we make each other happy,” she ended the post.

Fans think one aspect of the post doesn’t make sense

In the post, Adams seemed to blame distance for the reason they weren’t able to build a lasting romance — but we can’t forget that Jones recently moved out to Los Angeles to seemingly be closer to Adams. As Jones told Us Weekly about the move, “Tayshia is only an hour and a half away so that was a big draw and to my surprise, a talent agent reached out to me and they’ve been consistently getting me auditions and I’m waiting to hear back [on projects].” Jones also added, “Tayshia is definitely excited. It reduces a lot of the hassle that came with buying a plane ticket and visiting her for a weekend. It was really difficult [being long-distance].”

Fans noticed Adams mentioned distance being an issue in the post despite Jones’ move, too. “I thought he moved out to be with you,” one of her followers said. Another noted, “Didn’t he just move to Los Angeles…He said you two were only 1 1/2 hrs from each other. Separate coasts??” Yet another added, “Didn’t he just relocate to be closer to you?”

So, what’s the real reason for the breakup? An insider told E! News, “They definitely really liked each other but Tayshia is older than JPJ and in the long term needs somebody a little more mature.” That seems to make sense more than blaming distance. Either way, we’re hoping Adams and Jones are truly moving forward as friends!

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