‘BIP’: Hannah Godwin And Dylan Barbour Call Out A Publication For Calling Their Body Language Confusing

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour went back to Mexico recently to celebrate Halloween. But this time around they’re engaged (and also drinking a lot more tequila it looks like).

Of course, while away, Godwin took the opportunity to highlight some of her outfits, as she’s doing more and more fashion collaborations these days.

One Instagram post of hers features a photo of her and Barbour kissing and two more of her modeling the flowy burnt orange dress she’s wearing.

“found some hot dude on the streets of mexico (cute little breezy dress from @shopreddress),” she captioned the photo.

Barbour, always active on social media, commented on Godwin’s post: “come here often?”

And then: “Dylan and Hannah’s G’s body language after BIP is confusing!”

“CONFUSING RIGHT,” responded Godwin.

The article Dylan Barbour is probably calling out for calling his body language with Hannah Godwin ‘confusing’

Bachelor couples frequently get their body language analyzed. Fans are always curious about how reality TV relationships are “really” going, especially with the rumor that some of these relationships are orchestrated as a PR move.

It’s safe to say that Godwin and Barbour’s relationship is the real deal. But, all the same, an article analyzing the newly engaged couple’s body language came out earlier this month that called their post-BIP body language “confusing.”

“There’s a lot of signs that say they will [last], but the unusual stuff is quite striking,” a body language expert told Elite Daily.

The “unusual stuff” being that some of their photos appear to be staged, their attention is sometimes not fully directed at the other, and that they show signs of being stressed.

It’s a safe bet that Barbour was referring to this article in his response.

‘BIP’ fans love Dylan Barbour’s comment on Hannah Godwin’s Instagram post

In general, Bachelor In Paradise fans are here for Barbour’s social media responses. In this case, they loved his calling out the scrutiny he and Godwin have recently been subjected to.

“u two so funny,” responded one fan.

“I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!” wrote another

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour | John Fleenor via Getty Images

“ikr it’s like they’re just real humans who like eachother and not some insanely intense TV relationship. #ugh,” commented another fan.

“such mixed messages haha,” joked another.

It’s safe to say, no matter what body language experts say, Bachelor In Paradise fans believe Godwin and Barbour are happily in love.

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