‘BIP’: Hannah Godwin Reveals Dylan Barbour’s Weirdest Habit and It’s Hilariously Adorable

It’s safe to say Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin from Bachelor in Paradise are staying together for the long haul. The couple blew Bachelor Nation away with their adorable interactions during the sixth season of the franchise spinoff. But, now that the season is over, viewers have turned to social media to catch up with the couple — and of course, the reality stars never disappoint. Recently, Godwin posted her fiancé’s weirdest habit on her Instagram Story. And basically, it just proves just how much Barbour loves Godwin.

What happened to Godwin and Barbour during ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour from 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Although Godwin and Barbour proved they were a match made in heaven during Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, they didn’t exactly have the smoothest start. When the contestants arrived in Mexico, it was clear Barbour was all in. However, Godwin received offers from multiple other men, including Blake Hostmann and Jordan Kimball.

For the most part, it seemed Godwin wanted to explore her options. And understandably so. In BIP, there’s a short amount of time to get to know everyone, and it’s important to know who you want to spend forever with. However, as always, it created a bit of drama.

That said, Godwin eventually came to her senses and chose Barbour. And as they say, the rest was history. For the remaining episodes of BIP, Barbour and Godwin weren’t featured, minus a few short clips. But, this probably meant there was no drama going down.

Regardless, to no one’s surprise, Godwin and Barbour got engaged at the end of the season. And when Bachelor in Paradise ended, the couple couldn’t help but gush about one another.

“We are both so overjoyed to experience this [engagement] chapter together,” Godwin told People in September 2019. “Especially since the first chapter was pretty quick. We’re really excited to enjoy being engaged.”

Godwin’s BIP counterpart then echoed her statement. “We’re getting married in Vegas tomorrow,” Barbour joked. “But I am really happy. We’re just going to enjoy what we have right now and take it one day at a time.”

Godwin shares Barbour’s ‘weirdest habit’ on her Instagram Story

Hannah Godwin Instagram Story About Dylan Barbour
Hannah Godwin’s Instagram Story | Hannah Godwin via Instagram Story

Godwin and Barbour are still together. And their social media game proves they are still going strong. In October 2019, Godwin asked her Instagram fans to ask her questions.

“Ask me anything!” Godwin wrote via Instagram Story. “I’ve got like 30 min til my flight.”

Soon after, one fan indicated they were curious about Barbour’s weirdest habit. And of course, the answer was more adorable than we could have imagined.

“He did this thing for a while where I would be sleeping (and I’m a super peaceful sleeper) and he thought I wasn’t breathing,” Godwin explained. “So he would constantly check to make sure I’m breathing when really I’m just like sleeping, you know??”

But, it seems this isn’t the weirdest habit Barbour has. In smaller text, the model added, “Are you glad I didn’t share your other weird habit?? Lol.” Hilarious.

While the world may never find out what Godwin knows about Barbour, it’s sweet to discover just how much Barbour cares for the Alabama native. And honestly, who hasn’t done the same with their loved ones?

How the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ couple is doing now

Now, Godwin’s Instagram Story about Barbour is just one of many adorable moments on social media. Following the Bachelor in Paradise finale, the couple posted shots together in Paris. And more recently, Godwin shared a few photographs and videos with Barbour as they tried on different disguises to avoid BIP spoilers during the reality show’s run this summer.

“Meet Jackie, Dylan’s date to a 4th of July party at the lake this summer in secret,” she captioned the post. “Hey @dylanbarbour wanna go back to the days when we would run around in costumes to prevent spoiling?”

Then in mid-October, Barbour and Godwin were spotted filming in Nashville, Tennessee. As it turns out, the couple got together to tape the “I Do For You” music video with country music artist Dillon Carmichael. And it certainly seems like they’ll be playing up the romance in the video.

No matter how you piece it together, Godwin and Barbour are living their lives to the fullest. And, of course, Bachelor Nation is just happy they’re doing it together. Their moments on social media prove they’ve got a good thing going. Now, let’s hope it lasts for many moons to come.

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