‘BIP’: Joe Amabile Talks About Taking a Big Step with Kendall Long

Bachelor in Paradise surprisingly has a good record of making lasting couples. One of those couples is Joe Amabile and Kendall Long.

They are still together after meeting on the show last year. Find out what they have been up to since the end of their season of Bachelor in Paradise, their plans for the future, and the big step they’re taking together now.

Joe Amabile and Kendall Long fell in love on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Joe Amabile (L) and Kendall Long
Joe Amabile (L) and Kendall Long | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for The Gentle Barn

Amabile and Long met on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5. They had a bit of a rocky start, but they managed to stay together after the season and a season of Amabile competing on Dancing with the Stars.

They have moved in together this year. “We’re working together to get our best style together,” Long told E! News. “Mine’s art deco and his is French and we’re coming together. We might get a puppy too.”

She gave a reason why it made sense for the couple to make this step. “Joe and I have been living together basically since we met and we also went on tour together [for Dancing With the Stars],” said Long. “When we were inside of a bus in tiny rooms we were fine so I feel like if we can survive that, we can do anything.”

They want to open a restaurant together

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Amabile and Long want to go into business together after being on reality TV. That business would be a restaurant.

Joe is so passionate about food and he just knows so much about the quality,” Long told Extra TV. “He has an idea in his mind of the perfect restaurant he would open up, but right now there’s so much going on that, you know, it’s definitely something that we would think about in the future. I mean, a pizza place–that’s kind of the idea, because he’s Italian.”

She also listed a few possible names for the establishment. “Joe’s? Or maybe Joe-Ken,” said Long. “You could be like ‘I want to go there–just joken’!’ I don’t know… a little tagline. You have to have a tagline. I have crazy mom jokes.”

They are adopting a puppy

The couple is taking on a new responsibility together. “We’re adopting a puppy!” Amabile told People. “We’re in a place where we want to own a dog together and start a little family.”

That’s definitely a sign that things are getting serious between them. But is a wedding in their future?

“We’re not engaged yet,” he said. “But I’m a sporadic person. I might just wake up one day and say, ‘Okay, I’m ready to do it!’”

Long went on to talk about the conversations they’ve been having in private. “It’s fun to talk about our future together,” she said.

It sounds like life after paradise is going well for the couple. They have their own place and will be taking in a puppy together. Maybe they will be announcing an engagement in the future.