‘BIP’: John Paul Jones Posts A Picture Of Him And Tayshia Adams Out To Brunch, Fans Rejoice

John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams were maybe the most unexpected couple to come out of the last season of Bachelor In Paradise. Who knew Adams, a flirtatious queen, would pair so well with a chicken nugget aficionado like Jones? But, like nuggets and ranch, some things just work.

Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Before the Bachelor In Paradise finale, viewers were left thinking Adams and Jones had ended their relationship. Adams broke up with Jones just before Fantasy Suites and Jones stormed off the beach, heartbroken.

But during the finale, when Adams was in the hot seat sitting across from the show’s host Chris Harrison, she revealed that shortly after filming had ended she flew to JPJ in an effort to win him back. It worked, and the two are reportedly still together today.

Some fans are suspicious of John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams’ relationship

Unlike most other Bachelor couples, Adams and Jones rarely post photos of themselves together.

Ever since Reality Steve tweeted that Adams and Jones had broken up, fans have been suspicious about the authenticity of the couple’s relationship. It’s been rumored before that some Bachelor couples stay together for the PR value-add derived from being in a relationship with another member of Bachelor Nation.

But Adams says she and JPJ are very much still together.

If they were together purely for the likes and followers, wouldn’t they be posting more couple shots?

John Paul Jones posts a photo of him and Tayshia Adams out to brunch

Whatever their respective reasonings are for seldom posting to social outlets, Bachelor In Paradise fans get antsy for updates.

So when Jones posted a photo of him and Adams out to brunch last week, fans were ecstatic.

“Brunch with Taytay>>everything else,” he captioned the photo of Adams sitting on his lap, tagging the location as Los Angeles.

Fans took to the comments section to thank Jones for the update.

“this is the content we need,” commented one fan.

“when he calls her taytay >>😩❤️” commented another.

“It’s about time !!!!!!!!!” wrote another.

“i LOVE you two together,” wrote another.

Some members of Bachelor Nation commented on the post as well.

“The only thing wrong with this pic is the lack of mimosas,” wrote Clay Harbor.

“My heart just skipped a beat,” wrote Nicole Lopez-Alvar.

Even Luke Parker from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette weighed in: “JPJ’s jaw line 🔥”

And, of course, Adams responded: “Hehe! come back to meee!” to which fans agreed, Jones does need to come back to her.

“I’m counting on y’all to make it! No one agrees with me that y’all are totes perf for each other. PROVE EM WRONG,” responded one fan to Adams’ comment.

“Ok I want a reality show that has you and a few other BIP couples in it so we can follow y’all lives cuz IG ain’t enough. I want moooooooore of this,” responded another.

Thankfully for fans, JPJ plans to move to Los Angeles in the near future where he’ll be much closer to Adams. So we can hopefully expect more TAYPJ content in the months to come.

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