‘BIP’: Kristina Schulman Called Out an Instagram Follower For Potentially Giving Her ‘Body Image Issues’

It’s hard to believe Bachelor fans are about to watch Peter Weber take center stage on the show, as it feels like we’re still reeling from what occurred on Bachelor in Paradise. While some couples, like Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes as well as Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin, are still going strong, many others have since broken up since leaving the beaches of Mexico. And one BIP hopeful, Kristina Schulman, completely struck out.

Schulman had relations with Unglert on a past season of Paradise. And during Season 6, she was linked to Blake Horstmann — though she was dragged by fans for relying on his “friendship roses” to keep her on the show.

Despite the hate, Schulman still has a hefty number of Instagram following. One of her followers took a serious misstep when talking about her body, however. Here are the words that were exchanged.

Kristina Schulman fell out of favor with fans on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Kristina Schulman attends US Weekly's 2019 Most Stylish New Yorkers red carpet
Kristina Schulman attends US Weekly’s 2019 Most Stylish New Yorkers red carpet | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

When Schulman first arrived on The Bachelor, she was a fan favorite slated to win Nick Viall’s heart. While he didn’t pick her in the end, fans still rooted for her during her infamous love triangle with Unglert during a past season of Paradise. Unfortunately, while she was more courageous, bold, and no-nonsense during Season 6 of BIP, fans appeared to turn on her due to her cold demeanor toward some of the other women on the show.

“I loved you since day 1, but after watching you this season that’s changing real quick. You’re being terrible on this show,” one of her followers commented on her Instagram photo. The follower seemed to reference Schulman’s attitude toward Caitlin Clemmens, another contestant who showed interest in Horstmann.

Another follower wrote to Schulman, “I can’t believe your behavior, sorry but you aren’t better than anyone else.”

Her Instagram followers have been questioning some of her recent posts

Instagram followers can be harsh — and it looks like it’s not just Schulman’s attitude on BIP that has some of her fans upset. Like many other contestants on reality TV, Schulman has become an influencer and pushes products she likes online. This doesn’t sit well with everyone, however. When she posted an advertisement for Tinto Amorio wine cocktails, many found it “cringeworthy.”

Not only that, but on Dec. 8, she posted a photo of her with the sign for Stagecoach Festival in the background. Those who watched BIP Season 6 know Stagecoach is where both Schulman and Miller-Keyes hooked up with Horstmann. And it was the start of multiple inflammatory conversations on the show.

Knowing all the drama that went down at Stagecoach, Schulman’s followers are shocked she’d continue to promote the festival. “You being here ruined your life why would you be excited to go again… for more fame,” a follower commented.

Schulman got defensive after a follower commented on her body

While Schulman can take a certain amount of hate from her followers, she doesn’t let everything slide. She posted a series of photos of herself in a beautiful, sparkly dress on Dec. 16. And one follower dared to critique her physique.

The follower wrote, “yesterday’s outfit looked better.. this one makes you look puffed in the abdomen.”

To that, Schulman fired back, “and it’s comments like your that cause individuals to have body image issues. Bye.”

Her followers backed Schulman 100% on this one, too.

Another follower wrote, “but your abs are straight poppin boo, he is clearly blind.”

Yet another added, “mans outta his mind.”

The person who originally made the comment apologized in the end, so it seems Schulman did a good job of correcting him. And despite the hate her followers gave her in the past, they stood firmly against anyone criticizing her appearance. We’re not sure if all the Schulman hate is over yet amongst Bachelor nation fans, but we hope so!

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