‘BiP’: Nicole Lopez-Alvar Is Still Dragging Clay Harbor on Instagram

Though Bachelor in Paradise closed for the season nearly a month ago, the drama is far from over. After a messy breakup, (and honestly, a messy relationship) Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor called it quits on the beach during the last day in paradise. When Harbor wasn’t ready to commit to saying he loved Lopez-Alvar (let alone engagement) after a few days’ time, Lopez-Alvar opted to break up with him and they left the beach separately. But, breaking up hasn’t stopped the former couple from taking shots at one another on Instagram.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor at the Bachelor in Paradise reunion
Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Recently, fan-favorite, John Paul Jones posted a picture to his Instagram page with the caption “Some things just take time.” Shortly after, Harbor left a comment in response to the post. “I learned engagements aren’t supposed to,” Harbor fired off, taking a not-so-subtle shot at Lopez-Alvar. “Not everything can take as long as your gym sessions,” Lopez-Alvar wrote back in response. Of course, the pair have traded jabs before, but things got really interesting when a fan joined in on the commentary. “I’m sorry, Nicole is a moron,” the Instagram user commented.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar drags ex-boyfriend, Clay Harbor

Having a fan calling her a moron immediately trigged Lopez-Alvar and she decided to call Harbor out, claiming that his sole reason for going on paradise was for clout. “He straight up went on two shows where the sole purpose is to find ‘the one’ and then he’s out here ‘confused’ when he applied for those reality dating shows himself (which are accelerated- it’s literally in the synopsis of said shows) and then led Angela and I on because he’s scared of commitment and won’t settle down until he’s in his 40’s because he’s The Bachelor of Chicago and did these two shows for clout to see if he’d gain 15 minutes of fame and get back into his failed NFL career, but okay, Meg,” Lopez-Alvar began, also adding a tea emoji, to imply that she was spilling hot tea.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor
Nicole Lopez-Alvar and Clay Harbor | John Fleenor via Getty Images

This wasn’t the first time that Lopez-Alvar took shots at her ex-boyfriend and accused him of leading her on. Seeing Lopez-Alvar’s lengthy comeback, the Instagram user who called her a moron tried to get a response from Harbor as well and commented “your turn” after tagging Harbor. Though Harbor elected not to join in, either because he didn’t see it, or because he wasn’t up for going back and forth, Lopez-Alvar had a lot more to say and continued to take shots at Harbor.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar says Clay Harbor only contacted her once

The Miami native then added that Harbor’s excuse of wanting to date outside of paradise, instead of rushing into an engagement, was b.s because he didn’t contact her until right before the reunion special that they both attended. “Oh and if you ever have read or hear him say ‘but I wanted to date after the—’ he never even hit me up ONCE LMAO, not until the day before the show premiered to make sure we were ‘good’ and I wouldn’t roast him. And I oop—,” Lopez-Alvar added.

“…but…you broke up with him…,” the Instagram user wrote back, expressing her confusion with Lopez-Alvar’s outrage that Harbor didn’t reach out to her after she broke with him. Lopez-Alvar quickly defended her actions. “Hell yes! I had to run for the hills! Women everywhere better watch out. Take it as a warning. Thousands of women have sent me messages saying how I resonated with them, and how they’ve been with a similar man. The bravest thing you could ever do is run from someone who will never truly care about you. Phew, that felt good lmao,” The Bachelor in Paradise alum concluded.

Paradise lost

For two people who claim to have moved on from their Bachelor in Paradise experience, they both are still investing a lot of time in taking shots at one another on Instagram and other platforms. Hopefully, as more time passes, Lopez-Alvar will finally be able to put the short-lived relationship behind her and focus on the one she is currently in, and Harbor won’t feel the need to keep referencing something that’s old news.