‘BiP’: Tayshia Adams Trolled Dean Unglert on His Instagram Post of Egypt

This past season of Bachelor in Paradise was a wild ride for both contestants and viewers. While many left the beaches of Mexico heartbroken, a few others found true love — and we ever saw multiple engagements occur at the end. While Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert didn’t get engaged on the beaches of Mexico, they did choose to leave together and pursue a relationship outside of the show after a tumultuous beginning. And now, the two look as close as ever.

There seems to be another Paradise star who’s close with the couple — and that’s Tayshia Adams. Recently, Adams commented on Unglert’s post regarding his travels to Egypt, and fans noticed the funny trolling. Here’s what she posted.

Both Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes have been posting all about their travels

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes were never good at hiding their relationship from the public. Before it was revealed that they left Paradise together, they were posting photos from the same exotic locations, which led many to assume they were traveling as a couple. And we can’t forget that Unglert posted this photo of Miller-Keyes’ name on a piece of tape across his shirt, which completely gave them away.

Now that the reunion is over and the two can happily post all about each other on Instagram, we’re seeing what they’re up to now. We know that Miller-Keyes is living her best life in Unglert’s van, but the two aren’t currently traveling together as fans may expect. Miller-Keyes was just traveling around France while Unglert was in Egypt. And while they both commented on each other’s Instagram posts, we’re not sure if they have any plans of traveling together in the immediate future.

Tayshia Adams trolled Unglert on his latest post

Unglert has some amazing posts from his travels across the world — and his latest trip to Egypt looked truly amazing. He posted this photo of himself near the pyramids with the caption, “egypt defied expectations, in both good and bad ways. in hindsight i could’ve done a better job preparing myself for the experience and spent more time exploring off the beaten path.” And he also added plenty of footage to his Instagram Story of desert sunrises and seeing the pyramids up close before heading back to Los Angeles.

Unglert received plenty of comments from his followers on this photo of him in Egypt, and fellow Paradise star Tayshia Adams also left a funny comment. “Omg dean!!! You’re in eygpt!? So am i!!!” she commented.

Fans knew the misspelling was purposeful and the entire comment was meant as a joke, as Adams was just in France with Miller-Keyes. And Unglert added his own comment back to Adams, as he wrote, “hahah SHUTUP!?”

Miller-Keyes and Unglert also frequently joke on each other’s social media

It looks like Adams is getting in on the fun after seeing Miller-Keyes troll Unglert’s Instagram, too. On another recent post of Unglert climbing the Grand Teton mountain, Miller-Keyes left a funny comment that said, “You look like you’re struggling….” And Unglert got Miller-Keyes back with the funny comments, too. On this photo of Miller-Keyes posing in Versailles for Amaryllis Apparel, Unglert commented, “remember when i was your designated photographer?”

While there are plenty of comments between Miller-Keyes and Unglert on social media, these two still don’t follow each other. Cosmopolitan notes Unglert told Us Weekly, “I don’t like doing what’s expected of me and I feel that with couples, especially those coming out of this franchise, we’re expected to follow each other on Instagram, do interviews together to have this happy couple image.” For that reason, we doubt Unglert and Miller-Keyes are going to start following each other on Instagram any time soon.

As for Adams, we’re sure we’ll see more funny commentary from her as long as Unglert and Miller-Keyes are together. Three cheers for a happy (and hilarious) BiP family!

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