Bizarre Facts You Probably Never Knew About Earth

Even if you aren’t one to get lost in reading National Geographic, there’s no denying our planet is an absolutely fascinating place. There are so many crazy natural phenomenons it’s hard to keep many of them straight. What’s even more amazing is that there are so so many tidbits out there you probably didn’t even learn in your grammar school science class. With help from Reader’s Digest, we take a look at bizarre facts you probably never knew about Earth. (The fact on page 13 is something out of a storybook.)

1. The truth behind rogue waves

Rogue wave | Panmaule/ iStovk/ Getty Images

Up until just a couple decades ago, scientists thought that rogue waves — abnormally large waves which occur unexpectedly and are extremely dangerous — were something out of a fairy tale. That is, until information gathered in the mid-90s revealed that these waves, which can measure over 90-feet tall, occur quite often out at open sea.

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