Bizarre HGTV Show Moments That Left Us Scratching Our Heads

HGTV is where guilty pleasures live. Anyone can find themselves watching hours and countless episodes of one of the network’s many shows on a lazy afternoon. However, most of the programs seem to follow the same script during every episode. Some of the instances that take place during each show seem a little too far-fetched to happen again and again, and the network has addressed allegations in the past about the shows being staged.

Still, we can’t enough of programs like House Hunters, Flip or Flop, and Fixer Upper, so we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the bizarre moments that take place on these shows and leave us scratching our heads.

1. Every male on House Hunters needs a man cave

A couple speaks to each other during an interview.

Is that man cave really necessary? | Giphy

A man cave is an absolute must for the husbands on House Hunters. Even if they never had one before, it seems they all need one in their new home and they survey every extra room carefully to see if that space can be considered.

We think House Hunters should mix it up a bit and have the ladies start demanding a “woman cave.”

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2. The Fixer Upper obsession with Shiplap

Joanne stands with her husband while he teases her with his hands.

You’ll see this a lot. | Giphy

Joanna Gaines’ obsession with Shiplap can seem a little strange, and let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for her you probably would have never heard of it. Fans of Fixer Upper believe that every house in the Waco, Texas area is covered with it and have been split on whether or not the designer overuses it.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, Shiplap is defined as “wooden sheathing in which the boards are rabbeted so that the edges of each board lap over the edges of adjacent boards to make a flush joint” and Joanna loves it.

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3. Love It or List It couples always split on decision to move

Hilary speaks while standing in a living room.

These two are quite the handful. | Giphy

After watching just a few episodes of Love It or List It, you will see a pattern. The show always seems to find a couple split on the decision of whether to love or list their house (hence the name).

The person who desperately wants to stay sides with designer Hilary and the one who is dying to leave sides with real estate agent David. A bit of turmoil between the couple ensues as neither seems to want to give in. By the end though, and after a very brief discussion, all is well and the pair agrees on what to do with their home.

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4. House Hunters couples initially won’t compromise

A couple sits in a living room during an interview.

Are they amping up the drama for the cameras? | HGTV via YouTube

At the start of the house hunt, some couples just can’t seem to agree on anything. They want different style homes, different floor plans, and some want a remodel while their partner wants new construction.

Their differences are bizarre because it appears that they never had a conversation about the type of place they wanted to move into until the House Hunters cameras started rolling. Just like with Love It or List It, though, by the end of the show both parties completely agree on what they want and are happy with their choice.

Does this happen in real life?

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5. David always dislikes Love It or List It couple’s current home

Hillary Farr and David Visentin pose next to each other.

Hillary Farr and David Visentin of Love It or List It | HGTV

Since David is the realtor on Love It or List It, it’s pretty much his job to say how much he dislikes the house the couple currently lives in and talk them into another one. The show never deviates from the script of David voicing his opinion and therefore, when we watch, we think to ourselves, “I knew he was going to say that.”

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6. Love It or List It couples always dislike the first home David shows them

Love It Or List It

Couples don’t always like David’s choices. | HGTV

It’s a two-way street on Love It or List It, and just as David dislikes their home, the couples never like the first house he shows them. Instead, the first home he shows is almost always sub-par to the one they currently reside in.

This leads to the same instance with every couple holding out until David finally shows them a place towards the end of the episode that ticks all their boxes.

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7. When House Hunters home has everything, but it isn’t picked

Three people dancing in an empty room.

Just pick the house already! | Giphy

One moment that certainly leaves viewers scratching their heads is when a home on House Hunters seems to be perfect and has everything, but then they choose one they didn’t like as much. Often, we’ll hear buyers talk about how much they love a particular house’s floor plan, price, etc.

But yet, when they choose which one to move into, they pick one that didn’t include all their must haves or was over budget. And we can’t help but wonder why every time.

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8. When house hunters have unreasonable expectations

A couple sits in a living room while speaking to the camera.

Their money can only go so far. | HGTV via YouTube

Another moment on House Hunters that leaves us shaking our heads is just how many prospective buyers have unreasonable expectations. We totally side with, and sometimes feel bad for, the real estate agent who is tasked with finding someone a home that has the best of everything on a very tight budget.

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9. When a friend comes along to house hunt and hates everything

A couple is inspecting an empty house with the realtor.

Friends don’t always help house-hunting matters. | HGTV via YouTube

Some prospective buyers on House Hunters bring a friend along to see places with them and ultimately help them make a decision about which home to purchase. But it’s a little awkward when the buyer loves the home, and their friend, whose opinion they trust, tears it apart like it’s their job.

This is something that certainly annoys the realtor too, and it makes you think their friend must live in a spotless mansion, even though that’s probably not the case.

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 10. Hilary’s budget is always busted on Love It or List It

Hilary Farr stands at an event in black clothes and large pearls.

Hilary Farr | Sonia Recchia/Getty Images

Something that’s bound to happen on every single episode of Love It or List It is that during the renovations, some unexpected issue will pop up that must be taken care of and subsequently mess up Hilary’s initial plans.

This adds a bit of drama as Hilary gets upset, the home owners get angry, and David thinks he will definitely be able to convince the couple to list their home.

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 11. Flip or Flop‘s Tarek always thinks budget is busted

Tarek and Christina sit together while speaking to the camera.

Budget issues always come up on Flip or Flop. | HGTV

The premise for Flip or Flop is simple. Tarek and Christina El Moussa buy houses that are usually foreclosed or up for auction and flip them to sell. However, much like on Love It or List, something always goes wrong and they’re hit with expenses they didn’t expect.

The drama sets the stage for suspense on whether they will be able to successfully flip the home. Of course, after watching a few episodes though, you learn that they always make a profit or at least break even.

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12. When house hunters don’t get that they can change paint color

A couple inspects a house that is currently for sale.

Paint is easy to change. | HGTV via YouTube

House Hunters viewers are puzzled by those prospective buyers who walk into a house and act like they don’t want the home because of the colors painted on the walls. Paint is one of the easiest, if not the easiest, thing to change about a home.

Even more bizarre is when they pick a house that needs a room or two remodeled, but that house with the yellow walls just wouldn’t cut it. If everything else in the house is up to their standards, paint shouldn’t really be a concern because it can easily be changed before the first holiday party.

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13. When someone on Tiny House Hunters is surprised by the tiny space

A family inside a tiny house.

Tiny house hunters might want to assess their needs. | HGTV via YouTube

Possibly one of the most bizarre happenings on any HGTV show is when someone on Tiny House Hunters enters the house and says, “Wow, this is tiny?” Um, hello, do they need to be reminded what show they’re on?

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14. When house hunters can’t afford a home, but buy it anyway

A couple sits at a table with a realtor.

Budget is always an issue. | HGTV via YouTube

Just about every time you watch an episode of House Hunters, an agent will show a home that is out of the prospective buyer’s price range. There will be some complaining and back and forth about how they can’t afford the price tag but sometimes even though it’s “not in the budget,” it’s the home they end up choosing as their new residence.

Yeah, we don’t get it either.

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15. A quick chat about pros and cons (with very little debate) takes place

A couple talks inside a house.

Couples don’t debate for long at the end of every episode. | Giphy

Every episode of Love It or List It and House Hunters ends very similarly. A couple has a very brief discussion in which they quickly weigh the pros and cons, before agreeing on a major decision.

Sure, we get that it’s a TV show and an entire convo about a live-changing decision can’t be packed into one episode. However, with hardly any debate, viewers feel like the pair just memorized a few lines and recited those for the camera.

If we’re going to get a fake show, we at least want to believe it could be true.

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