This Bizarre Royal Tradition Means Harry and Meghan Might Be Apart on Christmas Morning

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be enjoying their first Christmas together as a married couple — and the last one before they’re parents. But now, there’s a chance Meghan and Harry actually won’t be together on Christmas morning; here’s why.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Meghan and Harry are celebrating their first Christmas since tying the knot in May

Meghan and Harry have had a bit of a whirlwind relationship. This year will be only their second year spending Christmas together, and it’s their first year as a married couple. The two began dating in 2016, and within less than a year and a half, they were engaged. Everything happened quickly; Harry proposed in November 2017, and their televised wedding took place in May 2018. By July 2018, Meghan was pregnant; she officially made the announcement in October. Within a year, this couple has gone through several years’ worth of events. But this will still be their first married Christmas.

This year, the queen even invited Meghan’s mother to Christmas dinner

The royal family has an incredible number of rules. One of those rules is that every family member must spend Christmas dinner with the queen. And only true family members (blood relatives to the queen, and their husbands or wives) have ever been invited. But the queen broke her own rule this year: She invited Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, to spend Christmas dinner with the family. But a strict invite list to Christmas dinner isn’t the only royal tradition this family has.

A royal breakfast tradition might have Meghan and Harry celebrating separately on Christmas morning

Christmas morning, to most of us, is a time to be with immediate family. Kids unwrap gifts while parents watch in awe. But in the royal family, it doesn’t quite work like that. There is actually a breakfast tradition that keeps the women in their rooms while the men dine together. According to Cosmopolitan, the women are served breakfast in bed, and they stick to a lighter meal. A woman’s breakfast might consist of toast, sliced fruit and coffee. The men, on the other hand, all join together for more of a breakfast feast. Bacon, eggs, and the whole bit might be on the men’s plates. If that’s the case, Harry will be dining with Will, Charles, and Philip while Meghan will be enjoying a nice breakfast in bed. It seems a bit odd, but we all know the royal family loves their traditions.

Meghan might enjoy it, since it means less moving around with the baby

While Meghan and Harry have been known to break royal traditions, the two might actually be okay with this one. If Meghan has breakfast delivered to her Christmas morning, it means less moving around. And the further along she gets in her pregnancy, the less she’ll want to be walking all over the place. A breakfast delivered straight to her, and a little bit of alone time, might be exactly what she needs. As for Harry, if he’s been dining with the men on Christmas morning his whole life, he might want to stick to it.

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