‘Black Lightning’: When Will The DC Comics Series Return?

Black Lightning is continuing to delight superhero fans. Unfortunately, the show had its midseason finale on Monday, December 9th and so fans might have to wait a while for Black Lightning‘s 2020 release. Fortunately, for fans, the show will be returning in 2020 and we know when.

Though it will be hard to go without the show for a while, the wait will hopefully be worth it. When we last left our favorite Black Lightning characters, most of them seemed to be wiped out, including Jennifer and Anissa Pierce, Lynn Stewart, and Peter Gambi. Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning managed to get away, but will he have a family to come back to? Only time will tell, but hopefully the answer to this question will be revealed after Black Lightning‘s 2020 release date.

When is ‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 returning?

Black Lightning cast: Black Lightning 2020 release date
Krondon, Cress Williams, Christine Adams, Nafessa Williams, China Anne McClain, James Remar, and Damon Gupton at the Black Lightning press line at Comic-Con 2018 | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Unfortunately, fans are going to have to wait a while for Black Lightning to return. According to the official writer’s room Twitter account, “We’ll return January 20th with an all-new episode.” So that’s it, Black Lightning‘s 2020 release date is Monday, January 20th.

This also happens to be Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the US. And we can’t help but think that Jefferson would enjoy that as he greatly admires Martin Luther King, Jr. Of course, as Jefferson is fictional we can’t exactly ask him. Still, it’s an interesting coincidence that the show happens to be coming back on that day.

What might happen after the ‘Black Lightning’ 2020 release date?

As of right now, there aren’t many details on what our favorite heroes in Black Lightning will be up to after the 2020 release date. However, titles for the upcoming episodes have been released. According to SpoilerTV, the title for episode 10 of the show is going to be “The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn.” Based on the fact that Markovia is mentioned, we might finally see the mysterious nation come out of the shadows.

The “blessings and curses reborn” part of the title is less clear, and as we don’t currently have a synopsis to go on, we can’t really speculate much about what the title is referring to. The titles for the next episodes, according to SpoilerTV, continue in a similar way with episode 11 being known as “The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two.” The “Book of Markovia” continues until episode 13, with episode 14 being known as “The Book of War: Chapter One.” It seems like episodes 10-13 will finally give fans more information about the Markovians, perhaps including their motivations.

Who will Black Lightning need to fight?

By episode 14, it seems that the town of Freeland will be at war, but with who? Right now, the people of Freeland are rebelling against the A.S.A occupation, and Black Lightning has officially joined the resistance. So will that resistance turn into a war? Or will it be Markovia that the people of Freeland truly need to fight?

At the moment, it’s hard to tell. The Markovians have definitely done some shady things, as have Agent Odell and the rest of the A.S.A. In the end, Black Lightning might need to rebel against the A.S.A. and fight the Markovians at the same time. Or he might have to work with one or the other to fight the true evil, whoever that may be.