‘Black Lightning’: Will Anissa Pierce’s Rebellion Against The ASA Succeed?

Anissa Pierce from Black Lightning is known for her commitment to doing what is right. Her sister Jennifer teasingly calls her “Harriet” after Harriet Tubman for her dedication to the causes she believes in. That dedication continues in season 3 when Anissa is protecting the people of Freeland as Blackbird since being Thunder is no longer an option.

It turns out that Jennifer’s nickname for her sister was somewhat prophetic as Anissa is using the weak spots in the A.S.A.’s perimeter to smuggle metahumans and suspected metahumans out of Freeland. Unfortunately, in the latest episode, Agent Odell sends Khalil/Painkiller after Blackbird. The two fight and Anissa barely gets away unharmed.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Anissa as Blackbird is helping those who are fighting against the A.S.A. occupation of Freeland. Will she succeed? Let’s explore the possibilities.

How did Anissa’s rebellion start?

Nafessa Williams (Anissa Pierce) of Black Lightning
Nafessa Williams (Anissa Pierce) of Black Lightning | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Anissa has been rebelling against the A.S.A. since the occupation of Freeland started. As Blackbird, she has protected the people of Freeland from the A.S.A. at every possible opportunity. She has been smuggling metahumans and suspected metahumans out of Freeland to safety. Because of this, the A.S.A. has been after her and Agent Odell almost succeeded in catching her in the latest episode.

Luckily, he didn’t, thanks to Grace’s shapeshifting abilities. So Anissa’s secret is safe, at least for now. At the end of the episode, Chief Henderson seemed to arrest Reverend Holt and Two-Bits, who have both been fighting against the A.S.A. occupation in their own ways. He reveals to the two men that he is also resisting the A.S.A. and asks them to join him.

When the Reverend expresses concern at the idea of the three of them resisting the A.S.A. on their own, Henderson reveals that they would have help. This help would come from Blackbird/Anissa. Yet will their revolution succeed? Perhaps not.

Reasons why Anissa Pierce’s rebellion in ‘Black Lightning’ might not succeed

So far Agent Odell seems to be several steps ahead of everyone. Though his suspicions might have vanished for the moment due to Grace’s and Gambi’s quick thinking, it’s hard to believe that they’re gone for good. Agent Odell may indeed still be suspicious of Anissa. He might at least keep a close eye on her to calm his fears.

If he does, Anissa might eventually slip up and reveal her secret identity. And without Blackbird’s help, the rebellion won’t get very far. There’s also the possibility that even with Blackbird, the rebels will not be able to break the A.S.A.’s control of Freeland. The agency seems to be very powerful and to have a lot of resources at their disposal all to supposedly fight Markovia.

Any rebellion would need numbers to succeed and so far Anissa seems to have herself and a few other people. That being said, it is also possible that Anissa’s rebellion will succeed.

Reasons why Anissa’s rebellion might succeed

Though Agent Odell is smart and the A.S.A. is powerful, Anissa has managed to evade them so far. She has been so successful that Agent Odell sent his most powerful soldier, Khalil/Painkiller, after her. And she was definitely a match for him as far as fighting skills go.

There’s also the possibility that they will have the numbers the revolution needs. After all, the A.S.A. is already rather unpopular in Freeland and Tavon’s death and Jefferson’s beating make them even more so. Both of these events may be, as Chief Henderson believes, the spark that is needed to start a revolution against the A.S.A.

The revolution also might eventually have help from Black Lightning and Lightning as well, if Anissa can convince her father and sister to join her. They might all need alternate alter egos as Agent Odell already knows about Black Lightning and Lightning. However, Gambi could probably help out there by making them additional suits to use while fighting the A.S.A.

Overall, Anissa Pierce of Black Lightning does have a chance of succeeding against the A.S.A. though she will have to be very careful.