‘Black Lightning’: Is Jennifer Pierce In Trouble?

Jennifer Pierce from Black Lightning is not only the daughter of a superhero, she is a heroine in her own right. She helps her father Jefferson/Black Lightning and her sister Anissa/Thunder protect the people of Freeland. She is also a normal teenager, however, who just wants to fit in. These two aspects of Jennifer can be conflicting but during season 2 she learns how to manage having powers.

She is an extremely powerful heroine, perhaps even more powerful than her father and sister. So why and how could she be in trouble? And what are the fans’ reactions to this trouble? Find out, ahead.

What are Jennifer Pierce’s powers in ‘Black Lightning’?

China Anne McClain (Jennifer Pierce) of Black Lightning
China Anne McClain (Jennifer Pierce) at the Black Lightning Q&A during Comic-Con 2018 | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Jennifer Pierce’s powers, much like her father’s, are electricity-based. She is able to, like Jefferson, absorb and detect electricity and send out electrical blasts. However, her powers differ from her father’s in one important way. While Jefferson is more like a battery, Jennifer is like a generator.

She is able to power up her father when he is drained of his powers. Jennifer can also create electrical constructs, such as lassos like the one she used to bring Martin Proctor into the air and bring him down. She can also generate electrical fields, manipulate objects using electricity or electromagnetism, fly, and generate balls of light. At the end of the latest episode of Black Lightning, Jennifer flew up above the Earth and took in a lot of electricity.

Sounds good, right? Well, it might not be.

Why might Jennifer be in trouble?

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The image of Jennifer flying up above the Earth and absorbing all that power is a cool one. Yet it could mean trouble for the heroine later on. You see, the one who told her to do it is Agent Odell, who seems to be up to something.

His actions don’t seem to fully make sense, though maybe all will be revealed later on. Still, the agent seems somewhat manipulative, especially in season 3 episode 4. Jennifer also seems somewhat alarmed herself just a moment before the episode ends.

She seems to be wondering if her absorbing as much power as she does will have consequences, and most likely fans are thinking about that too.

What are ‘Black Lightning’ fans’ reactions to Jennifer Pierce’s possible trouble?

One fan on Twitter says, “Jennifer Pierce just went full-on Phoenix on us,” comparing her to another superhero, also known as Jean Grey. While still another fan, expresses their frustration with Agent Odell. This fan states that the agent “turned Lynn into [an] addict [and] Jennifer into an agent of A.S.A.” That along with his treatment of Khalil, who is known as Painkiller, made the fan say that Odell “has to die slow.”

So that’s intense. Agent Odell might indeed need to go if he is up to something. Yet we’re not sure that fan will get their wish. Another fan goes on to compare Jennifer to Captain Marvel. While another fan tweets that “Odell’s obsession with Jennifer is so creepy.”

Odell is definitely creepy and Jennifer deserves better than having to deal with that. We wonder what Jennifer’s reaction will be if she finds out that Agent Odell turned Khalil into a weapon. Then Agent Odell will be the one in trouble.