‘Black Lightning’: Fan Reactions To Lynn Stewart’s Recent Twist

Black Lightning is full of interesting characters who fans love to root for. One such character is Lynn Stewart, Jefferson Pierce’s ex-wife and mother of his two children. She is a very intelligent woman, a neuroscientist.

In the most recent episode of Black Lightning, she took a bit of a turn. How did fans react to this? Find out, ahead.

What is Lynn Stewart’s role in ‘Black Lightning’?

Christine Adams (Lynn Stewart) of Black Lightning
Christine Adams (Lynn Stewart) at the Black Lightning Q&A during Comic-Con 2019 | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Lynn plays a very important role in the show. Not only is she Jefferson’s ex-wife and the mother of his two daughters, but she is a heroine in her own right. While she may not have superpowers like her ex-husband and daughters, her intelligence is like a superpower.

Despite her breakup with Jefferson, the two are still very close and raise their daughters together. Lynn plays a very crucial role in both Anissa’s and Jennifer’s lives. They often go to her for comfort.

With Jefferson and Lynn, there’s a lot of history there and the two seem to still be in love, at least to some degree. So Lynn is a very strong presence in the show. Her intelligence also makes her an even stronger presence. She does research on metahumans, wanting to understand Jefferson’s abilities and eventually her daughters’ powers as well.

She also notices, when comparing her brain scan of Jefferson to the brain scan of someone on Green Light, that there are similarities. Someone then breaks in and attempts to steal her research but luckily is stopped by Anissa as Thunder. Lynn is happy to be saved, though she probably isn’t too excited to have another superhero in the family.

What is Lynn like?

Luckily for fans, Lynn remains okay after finding out that not only her ex-husband but her oldest daughter is a superhero. Of course, Anissa didn’t initially share her powers with anyone so therefore didn’t have a real superhero outfit to wear as her father does. Lynn, therefore, asks Peter Gambi to make one, since he made Jefferson’s. She only asks that her daughter is as safe as she can be.

Lynn is always concerned about the safety of her family. In fact, that’s why she and Jefferson ended up divorcing in the first place. Lynn was worried that his Black Lightning persona put him in too much danger. Other than that, Lynn seems to adjust remarkably well to being in a family full of superheroes.

And she needs to as the show progresses and Black Lightning and Thunder and Lightning grow more and more into their powers. In the latest episode, however, she takes a bit of a turn. She is still the character that fans know and love but she is now addicted to Green Light due to Agent Odell’s interference.

How did fans react to Lynn’s twist?

How did fans react to Lynn Stewart’s change in Black Lightning? Well, one fan Tweeted that they “hate that agent, hate him to the bone [for] tricking Lynn like that.” Fans seem to dislike Agent Odell, though we can’t blame them. He may be up to something.

Another fan said, “Poor Lynn, she has no idea.” Fans seem to be sympathetic to Lynn’s plight, which makes sense given what a good character she is. She seems to be a fan favorite.

Fans seem to love Lynn and be united in their hatred for Agent Odell. Another fan stated that “Odell got Lynn hooked” and described the agent’s behavior as “dirty.” Odell is definitely very suspicious, and Lynn does not deserve such treatment.

Lynn Stewart is a great character, and fans love to see her in Black Lightning. Hopefully, the show will go on for a while and fans will continue being delighted by characters like Lynn.