‘Black Lightning’: What Are The Markovian People Waiting For?

The Markovian War has arrived in Freeland. Or has it? Much has been made of the threat that the Markovian people pose to Freeland and its metahumans. Yet so far not much has seemingly been done by the Markovians.

Are they simply waiting for the best time to strike? Or is it something more sinister? Could it be that the Markovian people aren’t the true evil they seem to be? In Black Lightning, you never know as the show is full of twists and turns.

What will the Markovian people do next in ‘Black Lightning’?

The Markovians seemed to be up to something during season 2. Yet now that there’s a larger Markovian presence in Freeland, nothing much has been happening. So time will tell what the Markovians are up to.

They could be just as bad as Agent Odell says they are. They could indeed be responsible for many deaths in Sudan. Yet the Markovians remain shrouded in mystery. We’re four episodes into the season and still don’t fully know what they really want.

They may want peace, or they may indeed want to fight the people of Freeland. At the moment, it’s hard to tell. The ASA is concerned about the threat they pose, yet so far they don’t seem to be threatening the people of Freeland as a whole. Mostly, they seem to be a threat to the ASA soldiers.

Black Lightning cast (Krondon, China Anne McClain, and Cress Williams)
Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III, China Anne McClain and Cress Williams at the Black Lightning Q&A at San Diego Comic Con 2019 | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

What could they be up to?

They might be waiting for a reason. It’s possible that they’re waiting for their army to be at full strength, including all the metahumans possible, before taking on the people of Freeland. Or they may be innocent of any wrongdoing.

They have not attacked anyone yet. We have to see what will develop. The people of Freeland are waiting anxiously. They have much to lose if the Markovians really are the evil that others think they are.

It’s anybody’s guess what’s going to happen next.

What do we know about the Markovians so far and what could their motivations be?

What do we really know about the people of Markovia? Let’s look at what we know so far. We know that they have a royal family. We know that Dr. Jace helped them with experiments to create metahumans.

We know that Markovian agents attacked Lynn Stewart. We know that they sent a metahuman to get Dr. Jace back for them. We know that they created a metahuman virus with Dr. Jace’s help and exposed the metahumans of Freeland to it. Yet do we know what they want?

Do we really? So far we can only really guess at their motivations. It’s possible that everything Agent Odell said is true and they really do consider Freeland and its metahumans a threat to them. It’s also possible that they are hoping for the metahumans of Freeland’s help with another, bigger threat.

It is also possible that they are only after the ASA. After all, their presence in Freeland only increased when the ASA’s did. So the Markovian people may indeed be innocent at least as far as the people of Freeland are concerned.

In the end, Markovia remains a bit of a mystery. Hopefully, this mystery will be unraveled as Black Lightning season 3 goes on. Fans are most likely looking forward to watching it progress.