‘Black Lightning’: Will Khalil/Painkiller Meet Lala?

Black Lightning is full of interesting characters. From its heroes to its villains, the show doesn’t disappoint. One character who is a complicated mixture of both is Khalil Payne, also known as Painkiller.

Khalil/Painkiller starts off the show as Jennifer’s boyfriend, an athletic and friendly teen. Things turn bad for him, however, when he is shot while at a protest. He is supposed to never walk again, yet Tobias Whale has plans for him, and he is given a metal spinal cord, which makes him able to walk and gives him metahuman abilities.

Khalil/Painkiller eventually betrays Tobias, feeling guilty for everything the man made him do. His spinal implant is then taken out by Tobias, leaving Khalil paralyzed again. He is taken to the hospital, where he later seems to die. Yet he is then revealed to be in a pod, overseen by Agent Odell.

In season 3 of Black Lightning, Odell eliminates all of Khalil’s memories and turns him into a weapon to use against Markovia and anyone else who is a threat to the agent. Khalil/Painkiller has so far been successful at getting rid of any threats, however, he is yet to face Lala. What would happen if the two characters met and will they? Find out, ahead.

Jordan Calloway (Khalil/Painkiller) of Black Lightning
Jordan Calloway (Khalil/Painkiller) of Black Lightning at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Who is Lala?

Lala, much like Khalil/Painkiller, had quite a journey in Black Lightning to get to where he is now. He was a member of the 100, the gang in Freeland, quite a high-ranking one. He was brought to the police station and killed by Tobias, yet that isn’t the end of his story. Lala ends up being resurrected.

After his resurrection, he takes control of the 100. He starts selling regular drugs throughout Freeland instead of Green Light. He then receives a call from Tobias, who says “The devil deals the cards,” which seems to scare Lala. It is then revealed that Tobias played a role in Lala coming back to life, with the side effects being that Lala’s victims haunt him and appear on his body as tattoos.

What is Lala’s role in the show?

Lala seems to be killed when Tobias sends him in to meet Martin Proctor, a member of the ASA, with a bomb inside him. Later on, he is revealed to have been resurrected again and sets off to fight Jefferson Pierce, who he believes killed his friend Earl. He eventually realizes that he killed Earl himself and his friend joins the collection of tattoos on his body.

In season 3, he comes back yet again and somehow has the ASA’s briefcase in his possession. He goes to meet with former members of the 100, asking them to help him. He sees that they’re working for Sinzell Johnson, a former Green Light dealer, and are selling food and supplies. Lala is later shot by Sinzell and then comes back to life immediately, after which point the former 100 members agree to help him.

Why might Lala meet Khalil/Painkiller in ‘Black Lightning?

In the latest episode of Black Lightning, Khalil/Painkiller tracks down who has been taking Agent Odell’s trucks. It leads back to Sinzell, who Painkiller kills. However, as we’ve mentioned, those who were working for Sinzell agreed to help Lala. So could Lala be behind it really?

If he is, then he and Painkiller might cross paths. Of course, Painkiller would try to kill Lala but would he be successful? It seems that Lala can’t die by usual means such as guns. Would Painkiller’s powers be the exception and finally kill Lala for good?

Or would Lala manage to survive, stunning Painkiller? It could go either way but it seems that if the two did meet, they would be evenly matched as both are metahumans. So will the two characters meet? It seems likely to Meaww and we have to agree that the show is building up to something with Painkiller’s character.

A fight between the two characters would be very interesting and so we hope that they do meet and thrill fans.