‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Episode 12 Recap: Making Friends of Enemies

Black Lightning continues to excite superhero fans. In Season 3 Episode 12, “The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three: Motherless Id,” Jefferson Pierce has to decide who he can trust. Meanwhile, Jefferson’s daughter Jennifer, also known as Lightning is dealing with her own problems. This episode also leaves us with interesting questions to consider, so keep reading to explore those.

[Warning: there are spoilers ahead for Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 12.]

Uneasy alliances in ‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Episode 12

Christine Adams of Black Lightning season 3 episode 12
Christine Adams (Lynn Stewart) at the Black Lightning Q & A during 2019 Comic-Con | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 12 starts with Dr. Jace recording a video about being held captive by the Markovians. She knows that Lynn Stewart is going to be arriving and decides to try to gain Lynn’s trust. The doctor also knows that once Lynn stabilizes their metahumans, the Markovians will have no need for her and will probably kill her. Lynn, however, has no intention of becoming friends with her colleague and the two of them get into a physical fight until a Markovian breaks it up.

The Markovian also tells Lynn that Agent Odell caused her Green Light addiction and that he’s the true evil. While Lynn is dealing with those bombshells, Jennifer is having problems of her own. She is upset that her whole family, including her “Uncle” Peter Gambi, knew about Khalil being alive and didn’t tell her. TC uses his powers to look at Khalil’s chip and try to figure out what to do to get the old Khalil back.

Jefferson gets a text from Lynn for him to come to her apartment. He and Anissa head over there but when they arrive find Sergeant Grayle instead. He sent the text and explains that Lynn was kidnapped by the Markovians. Jefferson and Anissa are both initially skeptical of the sergeant but agree to meet with the ASA’s Major as long as Black Lightning chooses the place.

Painkiller, Khalil Payne, and teaming up with the ASA in ‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Episode 12

Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 12 continues with TC using his powers to get inside Khalil’s mind. When he does, Painkiller attacks him. TC then comes up with the idea of putting Painkiller behind a firewall to then give Khalil back control of his mind. He and Jennifer start working on it, using both of their powers to trap Painkiller.

Meanwhile, Anissa and Jefferson are meeting with Major Grey from the ASA. She tells them that they should team up with the ASA to rescue Lynn from the Markovians. Jefferson agrees but on one condition: the ASA has to delete the files of anyone he brings on the mission with him. The Major reluctantly agrees and Jefferson goes to tell Jennifer about her mother’s kidnapping.

Jennifer insists on coming to help rescue her mother and bringing Brandon along. Gambi is upset that Jefferson is working with the ASA but wants to come as well. Grace and Anissa have a play-fight to see if Grace is going to come along. Grace wins.

Lynn wants help with her withdrawal symptoms but Dr. Jace just tells her to take the Glimmer — a Green Light drug — the Markovians offered her. Lynn takes it so that she won’t die like Dr. Jace said she would if she didn’t take it. Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 12 ends up with TC and Jennifer going into Khalil’s mind and convincing him to take control back from Painkiller. He eventually does but breaks up with Jennifer afterward since he feels like a monster.

Burning questions about ‘Black Lightning’

Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 12 leaves fans with some questions. Considering these questions might lead to figuring out where the show is going. One question to think about is: Will Tobias Whale survive Markovian captivity?

Can Dr. Jace be trusted? What will happen to Khalil now that he’s back to his normal self post-Painkiller? Let’s explore possible answers to these questions.

Tobias might indeed survive Markovian captivity, especially if the Black Lightning-ASA team up breaks him out along with Lynn. Though Black Lightning would not like having to save his old enemy, he might do it for the greater good. As far as if Dr. Jace can be trusted, she probably can’t. The last time Lynn trusted her, half of the children she was taking care of ended up dying.

As for Khalil, he seems to be in a fragile state and is unable to fully recover from what he’s done as Painkiller and what people have done to him. He will probably get hurt if he isn’t careful, especially without Jennifer around to watch out for him.